Wall of Sound presents: “2018 YEAR IN REVIEW” – by The Comfort’s Marcus Parente

Brisbane’s The Comfort had a pretty huge year after signing to Greyscale Records and performing an impressive showcase at Big Sound because they finally released their debut album What It Is To Be. The alternative rockers are also currently on tour with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus to wrap up the year but before we say goodbye to them in 2018, we grabbed guitarist Marcus Parente (fresh from his roasting interview with his brother, Wall of Sound writer Michael Parente)  to find out what he was frothing over this year, so here’s his Wall of Sound 2018 Year In Review…



1. Mogwai KIN: This album is the soundtrack to the upcoming movie of the same name and is one of the most beautiful records to come out this year. The piano, synth and guitar layers throughout paint poignant pictures of barren, post-apocalyptic wastelands, filled with both hope and despair. Even though I have zero idea as to what the actual movie will be about, this soundtrack has me pumped, and I can’t wait to see it!

2. Death Cab for Cutie – Thank You For Today: Death Cab are a band that have always been successful in getting an emotional response from me, and this latest release from them is no different. Each track feels like it is straight out of a melancholy filled dream, making it the perfect backdrop for any train ride/long drive.

3. Tides of Man – Every Nothing: Ever since 2014’s Young and Courageous album, Tides have had a special place in my heart. For a band to willingly lose their singer and never replace them is a huge step (many would argue “misstep”), but boy am I glad that they took the leap. This album is filled with some of the most emotional and dynamic songwriting I’ve ever come across, and shows that you can still have plenty of hooks without a vocalist.

4. mewithoutyou [untitled]: This is a band that’s been sitting unchecked on my radar for quite some time now, but with the release of the album’s 1st single ‘Julia (Or, ‘Holy To The LORD’ On The Bells Of Horses)’, I finally gave them a listen. This track gave me a huge Daisy vibe (Brand New), and from that listen I was hooked. The album itself is the perfect extension of this. On one end of the spectrum it’s aggressive, intense and passionate, while on the other it’s dark, haunting and beautiful.

5. Holy Fawn Death Spells: If you want sombre and brooding music that will punch you in the face and then break your heart, look no further than this debut from Holy Fawn. This album mixes haunting shoegaze stylings with aggressive noise sections in such a compelling way that I keep diving back in for more.


TOP 5 SONGS OF 2018?

1. Mogwai – ‘Donuts’. This was the first song released off the KIN soundtrack, and it blew me away right from the start. The way that melodies fleet in and out of melancholic chords really made me rethink the way that I write music.

2. Holy Fawn – ‘Seer’: There is something so hauntingly ethereal about this track. When I first discovered it I couldn’t stop listening… every time I’d get up to the track while playing through the album, I would have to repeat it about 10 times before I could move on.

3. Circa Survive – ‘Dark Pools’: Honestly I just love everything that Circa release, and this track is no exception. It’s the perfect follow up to their 2017 release, “The Amulet”.

4. Death Cab for Cutie – ‘Northern Lights’: It was extremely hard to pick a favourite off the “Thank You For Today” album, however this track stands out for it’s killer chorus harmonies, catchy hooks and stellar use of piano as a lead instrument.

5. Fever Speak – ‘Walls’: This (Melbourne) band is dope and more people need to get behind them. I got to play with this band a few years ago and they were insanely tight.



Honestly I am not huge on music videos, usually I will just put the song and tab out to something else. So as a result, I’m going to do something a little unorthodox and choose a live video from one of my favourite (not to mention highly underrated) band’s, Rare Futures. The song is called ‘Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done’ and was released this year as part of their live album This Is Your Brain on Live. It’s a 6 minute jam that features some of the grooviest and vibiest rock to bless my ears this year (yo legit, check that jam from 3:20 onwards).



Honestly my favourite gig from the year also falls under the best show my band played which is:


Circa Survive at the Zoo back in May! I’m choosing this one because I got to play with and meet a band that was seminal in my growth as a musician. Our ‘Dissolve’ single launch was pretty great too though.


I guess I’m most excited to see how The Comfort will keep growing, beyond the release of our debut album. Hopefully we can jump on a few more tours and maybe even get overseas! (Also that new Karnivool album that’s been rumoured)

Written by Marcus Parente @Marcus_TheComf

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