Lese Majesty – Patterns and Signals (EP Review)

Lese Majesty – Patterns and Signals EP
Released:  November 16th, 2018

Lese Majesty Line up:

Jodie Gibson // Vocals
Joel Henderson // Multi-instrumentalist



There is a place where progressive metal cultists, pop-punk scene kids, and rock’n’roll fanatics meet to simply enjoy good music. Wherever that place is, Lese Majesty must know the way there, because Patterns and Signals is an EP that will resonate with everyone. Our release date for this carefully crafted 6-pack of bangers is the 16th of November, so buckle up! Hailing from Sydney, this is the 3rd and longest EP released by the alternative prog-pop band run by Jodie Gibson (vocals) and Joel Henderson (multi-instrumentalist).


Right off the bat, ‘Signs’ displays the band are solidifying their sound with bigger and stronger music. Despite the relatively syncopated riff, it moves more towards a groovy anthemic feeling, leaving behind any hint of a reserved song writing capability. If the soaring melodic theme in the chorus doesn’t captivate you enough to make the hairs on your spine stand up, the finale bridge will surely be your kryptonite. Reload your ears and get ready for the remaining 5 songs. ‘In Stone,’ ‘Gravity Calling’ and ‘No Evil,’ are fresh tracks and could have potentially been singles on their own. Deciding to choose ‘Age of Outrage’ and ‘Signs’ would have been a tough call. It’s worth mentioning that Luke Palmer (Dead Letter Circus – guitar) and Luke Williams (Dead Letter Circus – drums) collaborated with the duo to create this EP.

It seems that their influences subtly, but artistically enhance the cohesive power. Hearing ‘In Stone’ mix darker feelings successfully with progressive guitars and cinematic style bass lines demonstrates how versatile and effective this band are with their musical decisions. Lyrically, the songs are just as thoughtful and touching with ‘Gravity Calling’ and ‘No Evil’ calling out some fucked up issues in the world. The words alone in this EP deserve their own recognition.


You may have already caught a few earwigs from The Faction radio and triple j playing ‘Age of Outrage.’ This is the 4th song off the EP and was released as a single back in September. Let’s just say I’m normally the prog-nerd trying to figure out guitar tunings and time signatures, but for this track, every aspect had my ears on edge, especially with the melody. After a short, anticipating introduction of atmospheric piano and clean guitar, your ears get punched with a thick, aggressive riff, similar to the way Voyager approach some of their songs. There’s no denying the chorus of this song is one of the many highlights of Patterns and Signals. Jodie’s vocal approach marries a fine balance of simplicity and energy that really focuses our heart strings on the lyrical content. Despite the song being a standard pop length of 3:30, it manages to pack all elements from progressive to pop without creating an incomplete sense of character.

The final song and rock ballad ‘Lie Detector’ wraps up Patterns and Signals. Avoid being left out in the crowd by learning the lyrics to this one because it’s definitely a sing-a-long tune. Forrester Savell (Dead Letter Circus, Sikth, Karnivool, Make Them Suffer etc.) mixed and mastered the EP with impeccable quality, just as the band deserves.

Patterns and Signals EP is modern, yet fresh. It’s progressive, but easy to groove with. There aren’t too many songs that get onto both my gym and home playlists, but all of these songs have found their way in.

lese majesty - patterns & signals

Lese Majesty – Patterns and Signals EP tracklisting:

  1. Signs
  2. In Stone
  3. Gravity Calling
  4. No Evil
  5. Age of Outrage
  6. Lie Detector

Rating: 9/10
Patterns and Signals is out Friday, November 16th via Bandcamp Or follow them on Spotify
Review by Kurt Boldy @kurtboldy

lese majesty band

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