FOZZY – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 9th November @ Max Watts, Melbourne VIC

Max Watts, Melbourne VIC
November 9th, 2018
Supports: Dangerous Curves and Torrential Thrill

A really shitty, fucked up act of murderous terrorism occurred a few hundred meters from this gig not too long before VIP ticket holders were funneling inside for meet-and-greets with the headliner. Melbourne was a resultingly frightened and sparsely populated town as night fell. It’s easy to see this world growing increasingly frightened and unhinged as each day that blindly capitalistic and/ or maniacally religious maniacs profit from guns, war, childhood obesity, environmental destruction, and a slew of other amoral things that disastrously proliferate empty wealth or justify their miserable personal agendas.

Such things are a modern abject truth that, wondrously, a room full of like-minded, happy folks uniting to share the unreserved, mystical joy of music fight and work to conquer every time they join forces as both friends and strangers to make the most of the positive spectacles threaded within the world around us. By reveling in the deep love, connection, and excitement live music universally proliferates, we make the world a better place. Gigs, the bands, the hardworking people organizing it all, and especially the people who show up to support them are vital to a better future with their constructive and unifying mentality about finding and sharing good, and being true to yourself and others.

So keep being kind to each other, and spare a thought for those affected by the evil that took place on Bourke street last Friday. We punters saw an awesome rock n’ roll show in spite of such terror, because if we didn’t then those shit heads have already got their evil way.

On this same day – and on the complete other end of the universe’s seemingly chaotic situational spectrum –  was Fozzy frontman/GOAT pro-wrestler/arguably the hardest-working-and-most-charismatic-motherfucker-ever Chris “Y2J” Jericho’s 48th birthday! As a big result of this, Fozzy’s first gig in Melbourne since 2013 was particularly fucking great. But first, openers Torrential Thrill belted out some beefy bogan metal (that label’s a compliment, FYI), while being very visibly pumped to support the main act. It’s always a kick to see a band that’s massive fans of those who they’ve come to support while simultaneously getting their biggest gig ever all in one big slog. Onward and upward guys, your set was solid as Brock Lesnar’s neck.

Mid-carders Dangerous Curves did a very effective hybrid impersonation of Motley Crue, Van Halen, and Guns n’ Roses to a crowd of folks heftily populated with punters that knew plenty of words to plenty of their songs. Their brand of consummately 80’s pop/ glam metal even mustered a few band-name chants from the crowd, which the good lookin’ members soaked up like a charismatic sponge. Although the set was roaring and solid, it’s worth mentioning that frontman Kym mentioned the merch stand a bit too much. It’s never a good look to come off as desperate and/ or greedy as a band; folks’ll buy a shirt when your music and show is good enough anyway. Furthermore, if an all-male glam rock revival band is going to sing songs about “Crazy bitches who fuck so good you can’t just get rid of them”, then it’s best they plant their tongue very firmly in their cheek and self-deprecate in turn. Steel Panther are the kings of this, and although the humour was definitely intended by Dangerous Curves in a similar way, their closing song “Crazy Bitch” seemed just a touch too serious for some ladies in the crowd that this reviewer saw turn away from the stage, lose interest, or look clearly upset by the track. I’m more than certain this was not the band’s purpose or intent, because the set was otherwise enjoyed by all, but hopefully, with a comedic tweak to its preface, the track will get a better reaction from the fairer sex in future.

“FOZZY, FOZZY, FOZZY! OI! OI! OI!” Well shit, every person in the crowd was really, honestly there to see Fozzy, and from the moment the boys took stage, it was evident that five years had been a lifetime-and-a-half to a packed crowd of heaving punters singing every single word along with rock n’ wrestling God Chris Jericho (Interesting fact: his fans are affectionately referred to as Jerichoholics. Genius, right?) Opener ‘Judas’, like all Fozzy songs, is a hook-driven belter of a track that has gathered the band recent and previously unattained levels of popularity. It has also become Jericho’s theme song when wrestling in Japan to sold out crowds this past year. If you hate wrestling, like really hate it and think it’s stupid, Y2J’s last year of Japanese matches will 100% change your mind. There is little this man cannot do in the world of entertainment. Especially when he’s back as performers as brilliant as lead guitarist Rich Ward, thunderous drummer Frank Fontsere, (fill in) bassist Randy Drake, and Energizer-bunny-esque guitarist Billy Grey. These dudes are seasoned road veterans who have sold out shows across the world in a slew of different bands for decades. They are all very clearly focused, fun-loving, positive, humble guys who in no way take their lot in life for granted.

Such a state of mind makes them particularly enjoyable to watch. That, mixed with the elation of another trip around the sun for Jericho, lifted the whole gig exponentially. Crowd members handed him gifts (Tim Tams, a Kiss cap, etc.), tour manager John Howarth appeared on stage wearing little but nipple tape and brandishing a cake shaped like a large, bent dick, and the whole venue broke into ‘Happy Birthday’ without being prompted. It really was a magical evening, the cream on the cake of which had to be Fozzy’s metal cover of ABBA’s ‘SOS’. It must be seen to be believed, and hopefully, it’s not five years until we see it again. Thanks guys, you made a dark day in our hometown much brighter. Music is the best. Also a massive shout out to Jules from The Bennies who was behind the jump for the evening’s entertainment, and played consummate host to this lonely journalist.

Words and pictures by Todd Gingell
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