Introducing Wall of Sound UNIFY Intern Finalist #5: Kellie

Annd we’re here with the last finalist for our Wall of Sound UNIFY Intern competition who is currently doing her media and cultural studies, put in a stack of effort with her application video and you’ll no doubt see front row center at any show she attends. Give a big wave to…

The Fifth Finalist: Kellie!!!


Congratulations on making the finals Kellie, you’re the last on the list too so, what do you think you’ll bring to the table?

When my application read “music addict” it couldn’t have been more apt. Heavy music is my biggest passion in life and I just want a chance to chat to other people so that we can share our awesome community with as many people as possible. I have a really broad taste in music so I’ll check out pretty much any band and I will keep an open mind about them, but I’ve seen a few shockers on stage so I’ll be honest with my feedback. I’ll completely nerd out while I’m talking about why I do or don’t like something musically though; fair warning.

I just wanna be there, in the crowd, seeing some awesome bands and sharing it with some awesome people who appreciate heavy music.

Your music addiction entry was very thought out, what was the idea behind this?

I had so much fun making that video! I wish I had a good story about how I came up with it but, honestly, I was working on my final assignment for the semester and I had my tunes on in the background. Depending on the song, sometimes I can just nod along to it while I try to do my work but other times… I mean, no one can sit still through Vice Grip!

There’s just something about this music that pulls you out of your shell. I really wanted to convey that in my entry whilst subtly taking a bit of a dig at the stereotype of a metal fan.

Fingers, toes, and everything else is crossed for this. I have so many questions that I’ve been dying to ask the lyricists for such a long time, especially the guys from Hellions and Trophy Eyes. But have you seen this lineup? To chat to any of them would be an amazing opportunity!

Big thanks to my little brother Michael for filming and being willing to get that close to my stereo at top volume. You risked your hearing for me and I am eternally grateful.

Wall Of Sound UNIFY Gathering #WoSUNIFYIntern

Posted by Kellie Anne on Sunday, November 4, 2018


What are you studying at the moment which helped you decide to go with that idea?

I’m doing media and cultural studies. My particular focus is on the concert space and how rock concerts/festivals, and the communities they bring together, help us cope with our increasingly crappy society. It sounds pretty lofty and wanky but, basically, it was an elaborate plan to get paid to go to concerts as a job and talk about them as much as possible. See what I mean about nerding out over things I like?

Let’s get to know your music tastes, what’s 3 bands you love and 1 band you dislike and why?

OK. Now we’re getting to the good part! I love Architects, Sum 41, and The Maine are my top 3. It depends on my mood as to where they sit on any given day but Architects do have a very special spot in my heart. Their lyrics cemented my interest in the social impact of rock music. And those breakdowns!

I’m trying to think of a band I dislike but the only one that is coming to me at the moment is Blood On The Dancefloor.

Oh god, I forgot all about that band until now! What about your fav song of All Time?

How does anyone choose just 1 favourite song? Maybe I’m just really indecisive but, again, I have about 5 that I rotate between depending on my mood. I love ‘Lightning Crashes’ – Live, also ‘Blood in my Eyes’ – Sum 41, ‘Purified’ – Of Mice & Men, ‘With You Around’ – Yellowcard, ‘Fallen Angel’ – Poison, and ‘The Devil is Near’ (or basically any track off of Lost Forever//Lost Together) – Architects. Oh! And ‘Amaranth’ – Nightwish, or ‘Innocence’ – Halestorm.

Finish this sentence: My biggest fangirl moment happened when:

I got this email from Browny.

But before that, it would have been getting dragged out of the pit at Red Hill partway through the Amity Affliction’s show because I’d been standing in the rain for 9 hours and had caught hypothermia. Security tried to make me leave since before Deez Nuts came on – they were the first band – but I kept refusing. I was adamant that I was seeing Architects and Amity! Aaaaand then I fainted. I am getting to the fangirling part. Don’t worry.

I was taken backstage because there were no ambulances left at the venue and the bands had space heaters in with them. Long story short, the first time I met Amity I had been stripped of my wet clothes and I was offered lollies and orange segments. (Please note that I resisted the urge to make puns about Bringing the Weather With Them years before they wrote the bloody album.)

The things we do for the best spots are shows haha Who are you most keen to see at UNIFY Gathering 2019?

I’m so keen for Crossfaith and Underoath but, after their performance this year, Hellions are way up the top too. I’m also really keen for Trophy Eyes, State Champs and Taking Back Sunday. Yours Truly and Stand Atlantic are sure to be great. I haven’t seen either of them play since early this year so they’ll be really fun.

Voting starts next week, why readers pick you?

If I’m chosen, I’ll make sure I get some awesome footage to upload for you guys! Whether it’s photos, videos, written reviews, whatever. I have a million burning questions that I want to ask the bands too. Especially those I mentioned in my last answer. I’ll also make sure everyone I talk to remembers to drink water and I’ll bring extra ponchos. Coz it was TORRENTIAL this year!

Well best of luck and stay out of the rain until then…

Voting for your favourite finalist begins next week. Check back in then but for more details on the next phase of the internship competition, head here

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