Introducing Wall of Sound UNIFY Intern Finalist #3: Tam

Halfway through the week and now halfway through introducing you to our potential interns who we could be taking with us to UNIFY Gathering next year. The next finalist is a professional music festival attendee who recently hit up one of the final cross country Vans Warped Tour dates in the states. Please wave profusely to:

The Third Finalist: Tam!

Tam WoS Intern

Congratulations on making it to the finals Tam, what will you bring to the table if you win?

Thanks! I’ll bring along my love for live music, bands and music festivals. I also want to make sure that as the Wall of Sound UNIFY Intern, I grab the exciting experiences from the festival live and on camera first!

The entry that got you over the line was your footage and shots from Warped Tour. For those who haven’t been to one yet, how does a US Festival compare to an Aussie one?

US festivals are amazing. The fact that you can pay USD$50 to see almost 3 times as many bands as you would on an Aussie line up is ridiculous. The drinking culture there isn’t as heavy, basically, you don’t have to wait in line for hours just for a drink! Less time waiting, more time for music! The mosh pits are crazier too. Kids go all out. Have you ever seen someone in a wheelchair crowd surf? Anything goes in America.

You’ve been to a few but what has been the best festival you attended over the years?

Definitely Warped Rewind At Sea last year. It was like a bunch of your fave bands from your high school mixtape partying with the best music fans on a cruise ship for 3 days in the Gulf of Mexico. The vibe was out of this world.

Let’s get to know your music tastes, what’s 3 bands you love and 1 band you dislike and why?

Simple Plan, Seaway and Set Your Goals. Fun fact: if a band starts with the letter “S” there’s a good chance I’ll like them. We The Kings are a bit overrated for me. Yeah, that “Check Yes Juliet” song is alright, but that’s about as much as I can handle.

What about your favourite song of all time?

The Best of Me by The Starting Line

Finish this sentence: My biggest fangirl moment happened when:

I ran into Chuck (Simple Plan) and Jack (All Time Low) at a Good Charlotte show in downtown LA. SP and ATL weren’t even on the bill that night, so that was pretty crazy to see them just hanging.

Who are you most keen to see at UNIFY Gathering 2019?

State Champs (faves!), Taking Back Sunday, Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, Trophy Eyes, and although I am more of a fan of Day 2, I am pretty keen to check out what Underoath, Hellions, Crossfaith and Ocean Grove bring on Day 1!

Voting starts next week, why readers pick you?

If I get chosen, I’ll give readers the best damn social media story and interview with State Champs ever! (Shoeys may/may not be featured)

Our livers are quivering as we speak, thank you and gooood luck!

Wall of Sound UNIFY Intern Finalist #4 is announced tomorrow

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UNIFY Gathering 2019

January 11 to 13th @ Tarwin Lower, VIC

Tickets Here

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