Introducing Wall of Sound UNIFY Intern Finalist #2: Adam

Its time to meet the second potential intern who could be joining us at UNIFY Gathering 2019 to cover the event and this guy is a bit of a live music fiend. Having just followed Parkway Drive up and down the East Coast the love for heavy music runs through his veins so its time to say g’day to:

The Second Finalist: Adam!

Adam WoS Intern Finalist

Congratulations on making it to the finals Adam, what do you think you’ll bring to the table?

Thank you for choosing me as a finalist Wall of Sound! If picked as the winner, I will work hard behind the scenes to bring the very best content to the music fans. Being Wall Of Sound UNIFY intern is the best opportunity to show off my love and passion for heavy music. For those who for whatever reason cannot go to UNIFY 2019 I promise to capture the most exciting moments of the festival so you don’t miss a single thing!

Now, you entered a few times with a whole stack of mini-show reviews and videos. What’s the best thing about attending a live show?

I am extremely enthusiastic about live music, especially in the metal/hardcore scene. Music has always been my biggest passion so naturally, I love to get behind the bands I like and to show them support. I also really enjoy getting to shows early and checking out the support acts. There is an abundance of incredible talent coming through the scene these days which is so awesome to see.

Which has been one of the most memorable shows you’ve ever seen?

This is a tough question, it’s so hard to pick. I have been able to narrow it down to my top three:

1. Northlane and In Hearts Wake’s Equinox tour in 2016. These are two incredible Australian acts who came together to co-headline a huge Australian tour. The whole thing was extremely well put together and left me in awe.

2. Thy Art Is Murder at Unify festival 2017. Up until this show I was aware of TAIM and had seen them play a few times before but seeing them play at Unify truly cemented my love for them. With the surprise return of vocalist CJ McMahon it was truly something special to witness.

3. Parkway Drive at Riverstage, Brisbane on the Reverence tour 2018. I know this show was only last week but it was honestly the most spectacular gig I have ever been lucky enough to witness, Parkway Drive just continue to exceed all of my expectations every time I see them. I have always wanted to attend a show at that venue ever since I first became aware it existed but I never had the chance until recently because I live in Melbourne. Myself and two friends decided to road trip in a hired campervan and follow parkway drive up the east coast, seeing them five times in one week.

That’s dedication right there… Let’s get to know your music tastes, what’s 3 bands you love and 1 band you dislike and why?

Love: Ocean Sleeper, Invent, Animate and Architects

Dislike: Storm the Sky – It was hard to list that band under the hate label but there just simply isn’t many bands at all that I dislike in this scene. I still and always will love the music that Storm The Sky released in the bands early days when lead vocalist Daniel Breen was still in the band. Since Mr. Breen left Storm The Sky has been quite a disappointment for me. In my eyes, they came to a crossroad and took the wrong turn.

Honesty and backing up your reasons is what we strive for here at WoS so thanks for sharing. What about your favourite song of All Time?

Jeez, this one really racked my brain but I’m going to have to go with Boneyards by Parkway Drive. I still remember the first time I heard this song, I was in disbelief that music could sound so good!

Finish this sentence: My biggest fanboy moment happened when…

I recently saw Jamie Hails, the lead vocalist of Polaris in the crowd at a show. I became really excited and nervous but I built up the courage to go over to him and ask for a photo. He declined my offer for the photo, grabbed his partner’s hand and walked off. I’ll get him next time though!

Yeah, sometimes you gotta let the holy grail slip so you can chase it again later. Who are you most keen to see at UNIFY Gathering 2019?

Definitely Hand Of Mercy. I was a huge fan of theirs from right back when I first started listening to heavy music and only got to see them play a couple of times. From what I remember they put on crazily good shows so my expectations are high!

Voting starts next week, why should our readers pick you?

As a massive fan of the majority of the bands that are playing UNIFY 2019, I am full of knowledge that is sure to keep interviews interesting. I’m also always keeping up to date on what’s happening in our scene, I am usually at a show every weekend and I am always keeping tabs on up and coming bands, it’s so exciting watching them grow into something massive. I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs of any kind, so there won’t be any sloppiness on my behalf and you can expect professionalism throughout the whole festival.

Good Luck Adam and thanks for the insights.

The next Wall of Sound UNIFY Intern Finalist arrives tomorrow…

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UNIFY Gathering 2019

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