Joey Jordison confirms side-project VIMIC are “still 100% active”

Its been a year since VIMIC posted anything on their social media pages and fans have been wondering what the go is with the metal band Joey Jordison formed after he departed Slipknot back in 2013, especially Australian fans who never got the chance to see them head down under.

On last week’s episode of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall, Joey reassured fans that the band is still together, he’s just using his time now to focus on his latest project, Sinsaenum, who head to Australia later this week for the first time.

During the interview, a fan question from Jesse, (one of our Wall of Sound Community Members) brought up the topic to the legendary drummer to which he replied:

“Oh Vimic still exists, 100%. It hasn’t gone anywhere. That band has not broken up, it’s 100% still in existence. We’re just, right now, y’know, we’ve gotta go when opportunity is available and Vimic is still 100% active”

So don’t stress, it won’t be long before Jordison and co’s obligations with Sinsaenum wrap up and he’ll be right back into the swing of things with VIMIC. It should also be mentioned that VIMIC bassist Kyle Konkiel is currently touring/performing with his side-project Bad Wolves who gained massive success with their cover of The Cranberries song ‘Zombie‘ and have since released their own album Disobey, earlier this year.

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