Psycroptic – As The Kingdom Drowns (Album Review)

Psycroptic – As The Kingdom Drowns
Released: November 9th, 2018


Dave Haley – Drums
Joe Haley – Guitar
Jason Peppiatt – Vocals
Todd Stern – Bass



Those “Tasmanian Devils” PSYCROPTIC, are at it again! With their seventh full-length album, As The Kingdom Drowns due for release on 9th November, through EVP Recordings. Since hearing Symbols of Failure, the band’s first album with vocalist Jason Peppiatt, I quickly became a fan and have remained one since. Brothers Dave and Joe Haley have their drumming and guitar harmonies down pat. While Peppiatt‘s vocals are very different to those of Matthew Chalk (former vocalist), I feel Peppiatt has brought something fresh to the band, since joining in 2005. As I listen to As The Kingdom Drowns, I find myself asking if these guys are capable of creating anything half-arsed and have a complete understanding of why they have been donned one of the “best technical death metal bands, in the world”.


‘We Were The Keepers’ is packed with interminable riffs, forcing me to drop everything and listen the fuck up. Twenty Seven seconds into the opening track and I was being aurally assaulted by Peppiatt‘s vocals. I wasn’t certain if I was excited for more, or afraid. I don’t know how they pulled it off, but there was a definite symphonic feel to this track. ‘Frozen Gaze’ is a grand example of the perfect harmonies between Dave’s drums and Joe’s guitar. Full of catchy hooks, only to be complemented by Jason‘s vocals. ‘Directive’ has a really cool groove to it, while Peppiatt has seemingly taken a trip down into a blazing inferno, releasing some of the evilest growls I think I’ve heard from him to date. I picked up a massive thrash vibe from ‘Deadlands’, intended or not. Blistering guitars, and pounding percussion’s. Did I mention the kick arse guitar solo? It just keeps getting better! Title track, ‘As The Kingdom Drowns’was a fantastic display of the technical prowess from the guys. With the pace undulating, keeping you guessing and yearning for more. ‘Beyond the Black’, kicking out more of those cleverly structured harmonies. Again, with that symphonic feel and Peppiatt‘s vocals sounding large and full, emphasising the enormity of the song.


A surprisingly slower start with ‘Upon These Stones’, with some dark haunting sounds and guitar work that can only be described as beautifully crafted. If I had to select a track to showcase the band’s capabilities and talent, it would definitely be this one. The workmanship in this track is evident and needs no explanation. Just listen and you’ll get it. Bringing me back to reality, was ‘Momentum of the Void’ with the brutal poundings from Dave and the signature technicality this band is known for. A final battering, just in case I hadn’t been beaten enough. ‘You Belong Here, Below’ dragged me across a war-field, landing me right in the midst of the firing line. An unrelenting, in your face, brutal attack.

In conclusion, this album is evidence that PSYCROPTIC have gone in no holds barred, there’s nothing recycled or re-done here. It’s going to be tough for anything else to come close to this album. Definitely one of my top albums of the year.

Psycroptic - as the kingdom drowns album cover

Psycroptic – As The Kingdom Drowns tracklisting:

  1. We Were the Keepers
  2. Frozen Gaze
  3. Directive
  4. Deadlands
  5. As The Kingdom Drowns
  6. Beyond the Black
  7. Upon These Stones
  8. Momentum of the Void
  9. You Belong Here, Below

Rating: 9/10
As The Kingdom Drowns is Out November 9th via EVP Recordings. Pre-Order here 
Review by Trudy Johnson @BrutalTrudes

PSYCROPTIC begin their Australian Tour 27th November, be sure to catch a show near you. Details here

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  1. They are certainly one of the best technical metal bands in the world

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