Launceston’s Interitum will be flying the flag for Australia at The Maryland Doom Festival in 2019

As far as Doom Metal goes, there’s a select few brave enough to venture to a show and still leave with impeccable hearing, for others we don’t often get to check out the talent these bands have, but every now and then news pops up that makes us go, “oh shit, I’ll have to check them out to see what the fuss is about” and that’s the go with Launceston’s Interitum who have just been added to The Maryland Doom Festival in the United States.

What makes the news even more special is, they are the first Australian sludge/doom metal band to score a slot on the impressive lineup featuring bands like Pentagram, Conan, Earthride, Mothership and heaps more.

We grabbed frontwoman Kel Barrett to chat about the big news and to find out more about Australia’s latest brutal export…

Hey Kel, congrats on the Maryland Doom Fest addition, how excited are you all about it?

Hey Browny, thank you so much, I feel like all the descriptive words have escaped my brain I am so stoked. We can’t thank the Maryland doom fest organizer JB enough for this opportunity. This is major, to play with bands like Conan, Pentagram, Earthride and Mothership is a dream come true for us.

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And you’re the first Australian Band to ever feature, do you feel there’s a bit of pressure for you all having the fly the flag for us?

Yeah, we are the first Australian band to play the Maryland Doom Fest which is beyond mind-blowing. Of course, there is a bit of pressure, but we are not taking this lightly. We want to make our Aussie peers proud.

For those who don’t know yet, give us a rundown of the band, who makes up Interitum?

We are a four piece out of Northern Tasmania and the band is made up of Trent on bass, Jarrod on guitar, Paul on drums and myself on vocals.

How long have you been playing together?

The four of us have been playing together for 2 years, but the band has been going for 3. I know it is crazy young for a band, there has been a lot of hard work and sleepless nights to get us here. We are so grateful for all the support the band has received over this time.


On top of that, you’ve got the Conformed Suffering EP out right now? Is that the best place to hear some of your best work?

Yeah, we are very proud of our EP Conformed Suffering. It is our first release and Beneath the Filth is doing great. Right now, we are in the middle of recording our full-length album. Last month we released a single from it called Wasted Away. Both are available on Bandcamp and we still have a few hard copies of our EP available through our Facebook page, just hit us up.

What’s next for the band, heading to the mainland for a tour soon?

We have a few things in the works right now that sadly I can’t reveal just yet, but we would love to do a tour of the mainland soon.

Nice, looking forward to seeing what you’ve got planned. Anything else you’d like to infest the masses with?

Cheers Browny, this has been great. I am so thankful to you and Wall of Sound for speaking with me. I would also like to thank Interitum’s fans and supporters we can’t do this without you.

My pleasure, go kick arse in Maryland!

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

Check the band out on FacebookInstagram and Bandcamp

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