Bring Me The Horizon drop new song ‘wonderful life’ featuring Dani Filth

They’re gearing up to release their new album amo on January 25th, 2019 (details here) but before we get there we’ve gotta hear a few more songs right? Well your prayers have been answered with another song from Bring Me The Horizon finally seeing the light of day, this one is called ‘wonderful life‘.

This riff-heavy track also featured Cradle of Filth‘s Dani Filth both in the song and its lyric video who contributes with a creepy, sing/talk verse towards the end and despite its upbeat sound, it has quality BMTH lyrical content like “I wear a happy face like I’m Ed Gein” and “nobody cares if I’m dead or alive, oh what a wonderful life”. Frontman Oli Sykes explains how he came up with the lyrics stating:

The lyrics for wonderful life were done freestyle in the studio. It’s stream of consciousness type stuff about getting old and out of touch, being off tour & loving the mundane things in life, I guess because it’s so novel when your life is mainly spent on the road, things like weekly shops and mowing your lawn are quite nice- people who spend most of their lives away from home can surely relate. I guess on top of that there’s this inner crisis I have of being a boring person but still having a desire to go wild inside me every now and again.. but yeah all in all it’s mostly word vomit… but also some of my favourite lyrics.. the beginning is 100% legit and the irony was just too good, so we left it like that.”

Complete with a brass section to close out the song, its different, but strangely it works so well. The album’s tracklisting is out too which also confirmed BMTH will collaborate with Grimes and Rahzel on two of their tracks. Take a listen, let us know your thoughts.

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Bring Me The Horizon - amo album cover

Bring Me The Horizon – amo tracklisting

1. i apologise if you feel something
3. nihilist blues feat. Grimes
4. in the dark
5. wonderful life feat. Dani Filth
6. ouch
7. medicine
8. sugar honey ice & tea
9. Why You Gotta Kick Me When I’m Down?
10. fresh bruises
11. mother tongue
12. heavy metal feat. Rahzel
13. i don’t know what to say

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