Dimmu Borgir – Gig Review & Photo Gallery October 19th @ Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane QLD

Dimmu Borgir
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane QLD
October 19th, 2018
Support: Earth Rot

Earth Rot walk onto the stage.

Armed to the teeth with the kind of songs, that would make Wolves In The Throne Room blush. The Perth act power through a full-blown assault on the senses. Each note pummels you into the depths of oblivion, pulling you under their miasma of sorrow and pain. The crowd stands in awe. Each subsequent song, like any good opener, drags you further down the rabbit hole of their sonic brutality. The band pushes the crowd further and further until, you’re no longer standing there with your arms crossed, wishing you just stayed home until the main act starts. Instead, you will finally succumb to Earth Rot’s sonic power and by the end of their set, you’ll just be continuously banging your head, until it falls off.

Because Earth Rot in a live setting demands it.

Are you ready for the apocalypse?” Frontman, Shagrath asks.

Walking out to the haunting tones of ‘The Unveiling,’ Dimmu Borgir appear a formidable force in the face of the crowd. Coated in corpse paint and wearing the kind of hoodie garb, every metalhead wished they had their wardrobe. They quickly turn the crowd into a swirling pit of sweat, beer, and euphoria, while the haunting choirs found on their new album Eonian bring us all under their majestic spell.

The Serpentine Offering’ soon grinds the crowd into dust as Shagrath screams, “I am hatred, darkness and despair” which sends the crowd into a frenzy as they scream the lyrics back at their master of ceremonies, who stands above them bathed in light, his hair swirling around him like something from a horror film.

Gateways’ reaffirms its status as one of the best songs this band has ever written, the song takes this live show into the stratosphere, the band completely assail the crowd with refined grandeur and tactical precision, as this song weaves itself around everyone in the room. It’s a simply unmissable moment and if you don’t have a smile on your face by the time the final note rings out, you’re definitely some kind of monster.

Closing out the first part of their set with fan favourite ‘Puritania’ is met with an unmatched response as guitarists Silenoz and Galder maul the crowd with the now instantly recognisable riff.

Their set ends with the iconic ‘Progenies of the Great Apocalypse’ and the keyboard majesty of ‘Mourning Palace’ which sees a massive circle pit open up on the floor, sucking in body after body, until it’s just a maelstrom of limbs, as people sacrifice themselves upon the altar that is Dimmu Borgir. Ultimately leaving you wanting more, long after the final notes have rung out in the venue and stitched themselves to your soul.

Are you ready for the apocalypse?Shagrath asked.

Fuck yes, we are.

Gig Review by Kaydan Howison.

Photo Gallery by Charlyn Cameron. Insta: @chuck_stuff
Please credit Wall of Sound and Charlyn Cameron if you repost photos

Dimmu Borgir

dimmy borgir tour

Dimmu BorgirUnveiling Tour 2018
with Earth Rot

21st, October @ Metro Theatre, Sydney

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