Prog legends Haken launch new video for ‘Puzzle Box’

Haken fans rejoice! These progressive pioneers are back with a new video from their forthcoming album Vector (pre-order here). With the new release set to hit our ears on October 26th, ‘Puzzle Box‘ gives fans a taste of what’s to come. The band comments:

“‘Puzzle Box‘ was born from some of the jam sessions we had early on in the writing process. The music has a raw and slightly psychotic nature to it that is brilliantly complimented in Crystal Spotlights video. To achieve favourable consequences we suggest taking this dose of Vector at regular intervals throughout the day.”

The guys also revealed the new album will head in a more heavier direction, which is tantalising for fans who have been following the guys for years. Guitarist Charlie Griffiths explains:

We’ve always had a heavy influence… but it was obvious from the riffs that were naturally coming out of us early in the writing process that this would be a more metal album. These are some of the most riff driven songs we’ve ever written.

Haken are also giving their fans the chance to win the signed puzzle box that was used in the video. You can enter here.

haken - vector album

Haken – Vector tracklisting

1. Clear
2. The Good Doctor
3. Puzzle Box
4. Veil
5. Nil By Mouth
6. Host
7. A Cell Divides