Brisbane’s Crowbar crew are taking over Sydney’s Bald Faced Stag

Live Music is so dependant on venues that can cater to the biggest bands and the best upcomers and so when The Bald Faced Stag hit some trouble recently and were looking at closing up, it put a huge dent in Sydney’s already struggling live music scene, however a lifeline has been thrown in the form on a takeover and we couldn’t be even more stoked on who put their hands up for it.

The gang from Brisbane’s crowbar will be taking over the lease of the Stag for the next five years (at least) and rebranding it as Crowbar Sydney. For those not in the know, the Brisbane gang consisting of Trad Nathan, Tyla Dombroski, Denis ‘Gandalf’ Hogan and Matt Day have built up a reputation for running Brisbane’s ‘Home of the Heavy’ for years with Crowbar putting on plenty of shows from the smallest new bands through to large-scale acts like Thy Art Is Murder, Bodyjar, Violent Soho, Phil Jamieson and heaps more…

We’ve both spent a lot of time in Sydney over the years and have watched a lot of venues close down, we don’t want to see this happen to the Stag” says Dombroski We have an opportunity to rebuild it, and we are going to make that happen!

And for those wondering about the size of the venue, it features a 550 cap band room with a curtain to cut capacity down to 250 if needed, huge front bar, beer garden, kitchen and an indoor smoking area. Trad adds:

“The space is absolutely amazing and the timing is right… We’ve built a strong community for punters and bands at Crowbar in Brisbane, we can’t wait to bring the same values to Sydney!

You know what you need to do Sydney, get behind these legends, show your support and become a member of the Crowbar Cult as their extend their Australian Domination. As for you bands, Crowbar Sydney is taking band bookings now for a start date in December. Email Here

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