Get to know Wither, the Aussie “supergroup” who dropped new single ‘Marionette’ this week

Remember Wither, the Australian supergroup consisting of members of Belle Haven, Dream On, Dreamer and Pridelands we told you about back in July, well they’ve returned with a follow up song and have revealed they’ll be releasing an EP called Rot and I on October 22nd.

The new track ‘Marionette‘ is slightly heavier than previous single ‘Nothing To No One‘ but it’s not the end of what the band have to offer, I caught up with frontman David De La Hoz to find out more about his side project and what’s still to come…

Hey David, fantastic work on the new track ‘Marionette’, so far two from two songs are brilliant pieces of work. Are you pushing yourselves harder than in any of the other bands your members are in to make Wither work?

Thank you! It’s been great to finally get it out. Honestly, the only part we have to work harder on is scheduling (working around touring/general commitments to our other projects etc). But otherwise, Wither functions very smoothly and much like any other band.

In comparison to the likes of Belle Haven, Dream on and Pridelands, this venture is so much heavier, was that a conscious decision to make the sound different to those other bands?

We definitely went into it with the intention of creating heavy music, but it’s definitely come out a lot heavier than I at first anticipated. Vocally though, I definitely wanted it to be very different to anything I’ve done with Belle Haven.

Well you’ve done fucking well in that aspect, both bands are different but are still really enjoyable for those reasons. What’s this new single ‘Marionette’ all about?

Marionette is the third chapter in the story of ‘Rot and I’. It captures the moment that Tom’s (the protagonist of the story) sense of security and self-worth crumbles to pieces around him leaving him weak and vulnerable to letting Rot (the dark part of his personality) take the reins, so to speak. I guess, in a weird way, it’s a very dramatic and exaggerated break up song.

wither - rot and i ep cover
Rot and I is available to pre-order here

Nice, well you pulled it off well. And the upcoming EP launch show will also serve as the band’s debut too, on a scale of 1- 10 (10 being sloppy splatters), how much are you guys shitting yourself about that?

Well, I can’t speak for the other guys but I’m definitely sitting at 11. 11 being sloppy splatters on the ceiling.

Don’t forget to bring a towel (and adult diapers) in that case. The comments/opinions we’ve heard so far are very positive, does that help in progressing forward with Wither and what the future could hold?

Yes and no. It’s so fantastic to get such great positive feedback already and we’re all so stoked. But this band has existed as a hobby project for us for a couple of years already (having only made it public this year) so I imagine Wither would continue to keep writing and jamming heavies regardless.

After the EP launch show, are there any more plans to tour or play more shows elsewhere?

Not a great deal I can talk about just yet but we’ll be on the move before too long!

Looking forward to you guys heading up this way in that case. Thanks for the chat Dave.

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

Wither EP Launch Show

The Wither boys are also playing an EP Launch show in Melbourne on November 3rd at the Workers Club and will be bringing along some special guests too.

Tickets for the show are on sale now via OzTix.

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