Like Papa Roach? Then you’ll LOVE the fact they dropped TWO new songs today

Papa Roach are back with a couple of new songs under their belts from their forthcoming, yet to be announced tenth album. The first track is ‘Who Do You Trust?‘, a fuck you to fake news misinforming viewers, which also extends to other situations around you according to frontman Jacoby Shaddix:

“This song is a statement of engagement — in this day and age, who do you trust? The message of the song is to think for yourself and to trust in yourself, and the imagery of the song matches that. It’s the sea of information, all of if slightly out of focus — and you’re left floating in trying to decide for yourself. Who do you trust?”

Check out the video below and afterwards, take a listen to ‘Renegade Music‘ over on Spotify, which is much more rockier than the aforementioned track and, to be honest, it actually sounds better too. Here’s hoping for more like that on the upcoming release.

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