You Me At Six – VI (Album Review)

You Me At Six – VI
Released: October 5th, 2018

You Me At Six are:

Josh Franceschi | vocals
Matt Barnes | bass
Dan Flint | drums
Max Helyer | guitars
Chris Miller | guitars

You Me At Six online:


Just a year ago, the lads in You Me At Six gave us the album Night People and they’re back again with another record that is being released under their own record label Underdog Records and they’ve chosen quite a simplistic yet fitting name for the release — VI — which translates from the Roman Numerals as SIX. It is their sixth studio album and I think you can all understand why the name is pretty fitting from there, so I won’t bore you with the explanation of it all.


I’ve always been a fan of this band, having listened from very early on in their career (anyone else remember when Josh had the awful undercut on the side of his head?) and I’ve always loved everything that they’ve put out, but for me, Night People didn’t really do it for me and it wasn’t my favourite, so I was looking forward to getting the chance to listen to what they’d created since then, and previously to writing this review I had only heard the singles that had been released to Spotify, which at the time was just ‘3AM’ and ‘Fast Forward’ which were striking tracks that were the right songs to put out as singles, showing the fans that they were back with new music and building up the hype to their new release.

I listened to this album and immediately felt that the boys were back. Their previous discography has been a mixture of upbeat tunes mixed with darker, more emotional music, which I honestly feel as though I haven’t heard from them in a while. There is no mistaking the fact that VI is almost a refresh for the band, playing around with new sounds and riffs that we’ve never heard from them before, boasting tracks that can be danced to, sung out loud and shared with friends. There is a certain complexity that comes to mind as I aim to describe what this record is like, because I feel that there is really no way to compare it to anything else that would so vividly get my point across. It’s almost as if there is elements of every single one of their previous albums rolled into one with a passion and energy that translates from the music to the listener.


This record feels as though you can hear the band falling back in love with making music. Franceschi will always have that gritty tone to his voice that makes anything he sings unique, but it’s everything as a whole. The new direction that this album seems to have which I believe sets up the solid future that You Me At Six will hold within the realm of alternative music, being another band to bring pop influences to this world and not stick to the same classic sound that they’ve always created, which yes, has created backlash for other artists previously from fans, but I genuinely feel that if you’re a fan of these lads, you won’t be disappointed. While I personally didn’t love every song on there, the majority of this record is absolutely incredible and it just… feels good to listen to. There are several songs that did stand out to me however, for being something so different and creative for the band that they really show me just how much You Me At Six have grown as a band both musically and artistically.

‘Fast Forward’ is a track that packs a punch, giving the classic sound that fans are used to hearing, from the instrumentals to the vocals, it is one that I feel is the most nostalgic. ‘Straight To My Head’ is a song that quite honestly isn’t all that different, but the vocals throughout the course of this song really showcases the talent that Franceschi holds. Then there is ‘Back Again’ which is nothing like I have ever heard from the band before which is what excites me the most, because it was a track that was so unexpected but I fell in love with straight away and I cannot stop playing it. ‘Pray For Me’ is a relatively slower song compared to the rest of the tracks but I felt like it was one that I could lyrically connect to which is always something special when it comes to music and for that, it stood out to me.


I really do love this release and I honestly can’t wait for everyone to be able to hear it and understand completely what I have been trying to describe as I’ve been writing this. I highly recommend this album and give it a solid 7/10. It’s a record that puts me in a good mood while still having that core You Me At Six vibe to it.

you me at six - vi album

You Me At Six – VI tracklist:

1. Fast Forward
2. Straight To My Head
3. Back Again
4. Miracle In The Mourning
5. 3 AM
6. I O U
7. Pray For Me
8. Predictable
9. Danger
10. Losing You

Rating: 7/10
VI is released on October 5th via Underdog Records. Pre-Order it right here
Review by Heather McNab

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