Scott Ian – One Man Riot Review & Photo Gallery 29th Sept @ Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW

Scott Ian’s One Man Riot
The Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW
September 29th, 2018

Sydney’s Metro Theatre is popular for its vast array of live shows, many of which I have personally attended. Tonight, unlike most nights at the Metro, the absence of the frantic rush to gain a prime position, standing shoulder to shoulder in a sweat induced venue, was a pleasant surprise. The small crowd entered at a leisurely pace, with enough time to greet friends and purchase refreshments from the bar, before being shown to our seats to await the man that requires no introduction, yet is a stickler for them, Scott Ian. “If it’s good enough for Paul McCartney to introduce himself, it’s good enough for me”.

AC/DC‘s Back in Black came to an abrupt halt, to which Scott responded “You can keep it on. Who wants to stop AC/DC from playing”. Which was more of a statement, than it was a question. After introducing himself. “I’m Scott Ian, Rhythm Guitarist for Anthrax. My father in-law is Meatloaf, for those that don’t know. I don’t like to assume anyone knows”. Scott was standing centre stage, with a laptop on a table to his left, controlling the slides on a projector as the backdrop. A stool to the rear of the stage, holding his beer. A small Marshall amp beside the stool and a flying V guitar on a stand.

After the introduction, Scott walked over to the laptop and informed us that the show could be all over, with the press of a button. “I left the clicker in the dressing room. I can’t chair a meeting”. That was the beginning of what was a spectacular, funny night. All was well and the show continued with the swift return of the clicker and slides to help document the stories.  I don’t like to assume either, but considering Scott’s artistic talents and his appearance at Sydney’s Oz Comic-Con earlier today, I am going to assume Scott was responsible for the humorously descriptive art work on the slides.

Scott shared many tales from his life, from living in a room smaller than a prison cell, shared only with his amps and many cats, to his experience with alcohol poisoning, and meeting the “Majestic, Tony Iommi“.

I found myself hanging on Scott‘s every word, especially when he shared stories about his hero, Lemmy – who incidentally happens to be my hero as well. I had forgotten my surroundings and felt like I was sitting in a pub, having a yarn with a good mate. Having never had the opportunity to see Lemmy (Motorhead) live, much less meet the legend, I was living vicariously through Scott’s adventures. What hilarious times we had! Meeting Lemmy when Scott was only 21 years young, at St Moritz in London. Sharing way too many Double JD and Cokes, bouncing off trash cans in an alley way and waking up in Germany to “Dr Mengele”.

I wished I’d brought some tissues along, as the tears were rolling down my cheeks from laughter. To be completely honest, I did feel a pang in my heart, knowing I will never get to meet my hero. Though he will live forever in my heart and music collection, and now through Scott’s tales. I do have to disagree with Scott on one thing though.. I think Lem looked mighty fine in those Daisy Dukes. Ha!

After a brief Q & A, rushed due to an overlapping event next door, divided only by a curtain, we learned a few things.

1. An S.O.D. reunion will not be happening.

2. The weirdest place Scott has performed, was at a recent rodeo.

3. Scott has many fond memories with Cliff Burton and was gracious enough to share one with us.

The question pressing on everyone’s lips, “Will Anthrax do a Download Sideshow”?

Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Back to the story telling and roars of laughter from the crowd, as Scott shared some stories from his friendship with Dimebag Darrell, including Dime teaching Scott to drink properly. Scott told how he was affectionately given the nick-name “Baldini” and how that came about. Dime was a real prankster and Scott recalls one time in particular, he was on the receiving end of one of Dime’s pranks. A prank that was so hilariously intense, it took Scott three long years to finally get his revenge. I wont give it away, all I will say is “Sebastian Bach Motherfucker”.

After raising his drink and toasting Dime, Scott grabbed the guitar, moved his stool to the front of the stage and announced he was going to incorporate some music into his spoken word. It was expected of him after all and although he was very nervous, he was going to give it a go. Scott informed us he had done it in Adelaide and Melbourne, tonight was the third time he would attempt it. The gathering of fans sat muted, awaiting this special treat.

Without further notice, Scott broke out into S.O.D‘s – ‘You’re Dead‘. Cheers, laughter and applaud from fans, saw Scott do many versions, including one he has already written and has instructed Wife Pearl, to play at his own funeral. That concluded the evenings two and a half hour event. Scott graciously thanked everyone for coming along, before leaving the stage.

I was left smiling and wishing for more, as I’m sure was everyone else in the room. I could easily listen to Scott‘s stories for hours on end, without growing bored. Not only were they interesting, they were relatable and funny as fuck! I’m definitely heading out to purchase Scott‘s book, ‘I’m The Man‘. It wont be anywhere as exciting as the man himself telling the stories in person, but that man has some seriously great stories to tell and I want to read them all.

Review by Trudy Johnson

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Photo Gallery courtesy of Mick Goddard (MickG Photography)
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