PREMIERE: Lifeblood urge us to stay calm as the world goes insane with new single ‘Oscillate’

The world is fucked. I know it, you know it and Lifeblood know it, so they’ve put their thoughts on paper and turned them into music in the form of their brand new track ‘Oscillate‘ which we’re stoked to be premiering for you today. The Brisbane boys are hard at work to make a name for themselves in the heavy music scene and if this banger is anything to go by, we think it won’t be long before you’re screaming along at their next show.

Before we get to that part, I had a chat with vocalist Dylan Clark about the band and their stance on all that’s wrong with the world…

G’Day, you legend, for those just discovering you now, give us a rundown, who is in the band?

We got Rani the riff lord who writes the songs, Dylan on vocals who tells Rani to rewrite the songs, Sean hits the drums and quotes The Simpsons, Cam is a barber and sometimes plays guitar and finally theres Josh who plays footy and sometimes bass.

Men of many talents, I like it. The new single ‘Oscillate’ is brilliant, heavy and headbang-inducing throughout too, congrats! My only critique is it’s too short haha

Keeping it short and sweet is our thing!

The idea behind it “…is about remaining calm and collected while the world becomes more and more insane as the years go by.” Are you basing this on any stand out moments? e.g. Tony Abbott as PM, Trump destroying America etc?

Nothing and no one specific, we’re not a political band. These are just some of my feelings around the matter and believe it is down to the individual to be calm and level headed when dealing with the worst of humanity.

Yeah there’s a bit of that going on. How do you switch off from the negativity in the world?

By turning off the internet and picking up a guitar. Create something, channel that negative into a positive. Also taking the dogs for a walk helps!

I’ve got one of those, I should probably do that too. You’ve also teamed up with super producer Troy Brady (ex Amity) who works with heaps of upcoming bands, what was one standout thing you learned from him in the studio?

Write good moments in songs and not just full riff salad. While it’s technically awesome to shred away forever, good songs will always be the best and that’s what we’re hoping to achieve when we write.

The EP The Air In My Lungs is coming out October 12th, Can we expect a whole bunch of similar themed songs with that release?

Similar but different, the other songs are more personal and don’t focus on the exterior as much.

Ok col, so a chance to show more of your personal side/lives. Sounds great. What’s next fro you lads?

We have a few shows to announce later this year and then its back to writing new songs.

I like that, a motivated band is a good band. Any final thoughts for us to help save this planet?

Tell your friends you love them and give them a big ol hug, more of that is needed.

On it now. Thanks for the chat.

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

Check out Lifeblood‘s new single ‘Oscillate‘ below


Lifeblood – The Air In My Lungs EP

Coming Friday, October 12

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