Reliqa unveil ‘Hangman’ single and announce sophomore Eventide EP

Not too long ago we came across Reliqa, a young, inspiring fourpiece from NSW’s Central Coast who had a unique heavy sound to them that we just HAD to review when they flicked us their debut Afterlight EP, our reviewer’s thoughts were “… this band has immense potential. With more practice, the vocals could reach dizzying heights and Reliqa could truly hit their stride in the future.” From there, they teased us with the ballad-esque track ‘Earthbound‘ last month and told us more was coming…


Well, that time has come because they are back with a brand new song from their forthcoming sophomore Eventide EP which is scheduled for release on November 9th. The new song ‘Hangman‘ proves they’re listening to those around them offering advice and already sounds far more advanced than their previous efforts. I caught up with frontwoman Monique Pym to dig deeper into the new song and what’s to come for Reliqa…

Congrats on the new song Mon, to go from the Afterlight EP to ‘Earthbound’ (single) and now this, it shows just how well you’re all progressing. How did it all come along so quickly?

Cheers! It’s hectic over here, everything’s all been moving along very quickly. Before Afterlight was even released, we were already neck deep into the writing process for EP 2. In that time, we’ve grown up a fair bit and immersed ourselves individually into a whole heap of new genres and influences, which I think shows in these new songs. I’m confident enough to say that we’ve stepped up and broadened our writing game since the first release.

Did you take on any advice from anyone (in the writing process this time) or self-guide your way through it?

To me, the writing process for these latest releases felt like us against the world – at least in the beginning. Afterlight gave us the building blocks to establishing our sound in writing, and I think as a result, the Eventide writing process was very fast paced and closed off so we could focus more on fine tuning and really knuckling down on our individuality and what more we can bring to the table. But of course, the feedback we’ve received from tons of likeminded people has really helped us shape these songs – particular shout out to our producer, Brad Telfer, for his input.

And as for the new single ‘Hangman’, whats this one all about?

Hangman is essentially a song of warning. If you read into the lyrics, you’ll recognise a foreboding tone, like something terrible is about to happen at the hands of somebody deluded. “Come what may if you see no sign of truth”. It’s a foreshadow to the rest of a wider concept that we have woven slightly into our music – gives our listeners, and us, something to think about.

Oh damn, that’s intense. You’ve got a bloody impressive genre-grossing sound behind you, is that intentional or are you just experimenting with different styles to find what sticks?

You’re too kind! I would definitely say it’s intentional, just because I can vouch for how much thought and drive has gone into it from all four of our unique listening perspectives. But at the same time, we’ve still got a long road ahead of us that we are so keen to explore, and this sound is by no means the end of our progression, or the end of our search for more cool and different influences that we can introduce into our base sound. You could call it an intentional experiment!

Awesome, well keep at it because you’re on the right path. What’s next for you kids though?

Well, we’ve got a lot going on under the surface. Apart from the itch to get on the road and bring the Reliqa live experience to new places, we’ve already got a whole lot of new material up our sleeves that’s being workshopped heavily. Right now is our time of seeking opportunities – to develop our writing repertoire, to perform to new crowds, to work with innovative people who share our passion. We have a couple of cool gigs set up alongside the upcoming EP release, but we are always excited to push ourselves further.

Well, we can’t wait to see what you have planned next. Anything else you want the world to know?

Even in the early stages of this EP cycle, all of us are stoked at the positive responses we’re getting! The general consensus sounds like we’re surprising people, and I hope we keep doing that.

You’ve certainly got my backing, thanks for the chat legend and all the best for the future.

Interview by Browny @brownypaul 

Keep your eyes (and ears) on Reliqa, I’ve got a good feeling about these kids…

Reliqa - Eventide EP

Reliqa – Eventide EP

Coming November 9th.

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