Amy Shark – Gig Review @ Nightquarter, Gold Coast

Amy Shark LOVE Monster Tour 2018
Nightquarter, Gold Coast, QLD
Saturday, 8 September, 2018
Support: E^ST and Alexander Biggs

A packed venue awaited me as I made my way into Nightquarter for Amy Shark on the last night of her Australian LOVE MONSTER tour and it was epic.  To say it was exceptional is an understatement!

First to the stage was Melbourne based Indie solo artist Alexander Biggs and definitely wowed the crowd what seemed to me as a bit of an indie fusion.  With a new EP recently released definitely one to watch.  Next up was singer/songwriter E^ST.  I hadn’t come across E^ST before but found myself pleasantly surprised at the bouncy yet meaningful message throughout her performance.

Support acts done and dusted, a veil of smoke over the stage like a blue haze, the sounds of the stage crew getting ready..

On a dark stage, with one single light, Amy Shark took the stage with You Think I Sound Like God.

Ill make a quick confession here..  I am a huge fan of Amy Shark, in my opinion she is an amazing role model and inspiration for young women, young musicians and the way she is genuinely humble and grateful for all she has achieved. However, I hadn’t actually listened to much of her music.  I have to say though – by the time she was halfway through that first song I was totally blown away and it didn’t end there.

Being the last show of the tour, and Amy’s home town, it felt like a privilege to shoot her there.  Taking the time in between songs to talk to the crowd, the fans, and sharing her stories and meanings behind the songs she was performing.  It seems to have a raw haunting yet positive feel to it.

What struck me is how honest and open and raw this talented musician really is.  It felt like she was rolling up her sleeves, getting down and sharing some very personal moments and thoughts that resonates with those in the crowd in front of her.   Sharing the story of her NZ boyfriend ending with the words “I am not this Amy Shark girl, I am THE AMY SHARK”!  Love it.

With songs like Psycho, The Idiot, Drive You Mad and an epic cover of Wheetus’s Teenage Dirtbag sent the crowd into an excited frenzy belting out the words to every song.  The show, complimented by an amazing light show left me with goosebumps all over.

Before we knew the show came to an end, but not before coming back for an encore performance with favourites Adore (my favourite and I did sing along to this one!) and I Said Hi.

Standing up on that balcony looking over the crowd watching Adore, hundreds of phones glowing in the darkness with the entire crowd, myself included singing along was one of the rare moments where the stage disappears and suddenly crowd and artist are connected as one.

I’m definitely sold on Amy Shark.  If you haven’t checked her out yet – DO IT!


Review and Photo Gallery by Bec O’Reilly

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