Good Charlotte target ‘thoughts & prayers’ in new single

Can you believe it’s September already? That means we’re only two weeks away from Good Charlotte releasing their new album Generation Rx on September 14th via Sony BMG. They’ve just released their third single ‘Prayers‘ which has been the BEST so far out of all of the new music they’ve released so far and it addresses the idiots sending thoughts and prayers after an incident, thinking it’ll make things change.

Its about time a band tackled this issue/idea because as someone so removed from religion, I’m sick and fucking tired of seeing people sending “thoughts and prayers” thinking it’ll actually do anything, instead of addressing the issues with change. This obviously applies to America’s shit gun laws which still haven’t been changed after over 28 mass shootings this year alone (I read that number last week, it may have gone up since then).

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good charlotte generation rx album

Good Charlotte – Generation Rx tracklisting

1. Generation Rx
2. Self Help
3. Shadowboxer
4. Actual Pain
5. Prayers
6. Cold Song
7. Leech feat. Sam Carter
8. Better Demons
9. California (The Way I Say I Love You)

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