MUSE announced a new album and dropped synth pop-infused single ‘The Dark Side’

What’s with all of the synth-pop shit flooding the music industry at the moment? Is there a memo we missed out on? Do bands just want to appeal to a larger, mainstream audience so they adopt similar sounds to those in the Top 40 mainstream singles? Anyway, Muse are back and they just announced their new album Simulation Theory will get it’s release on November 9th via Warner Music Australia.

To coincide with the news, they’ve also released a new song/music video for ‘The Dark Side‘ which as you probably guessed by the rant above, is a synth pop-infused track that I wouldn’t even call rock anymore. Yes they’ve been changing things up and haven’t put out a decent song since ‘Uprising‘ back on their 2009 album The Resistance and a small, exception for ‘Psycho‘ from their last offering, Drones back in 2015.


Anyway, cue the haters, but this is bubblegum pop stuff that Thirty Seconds to Mars would be guilty of trying to pass off as their own, however, Muse are taking fans for a ride in their own special way by offering a Standard (11 tracks), Deluxe (16 tracks), and Super Deluxe (21 tracks) version of the album.

Pre-Order them all here, if you want

muse simulation theory album

Muse – Simulation Theory tracklisting

1. Algorithm
2. The Dark Side
3. Pressure
4. Propaganda
5. Break It To Me
6. Something Human
7. Thought Contagion
8. Get Up and Fight
9. Blockades
10. Dig Down
11. The Void

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