EP STREAM: Metalcore heroes Summit will be Darwinning their way into your lives with new Echoes of Aberration EP

Australia is a huge country… and I know you’re thinking “no shit Sherlock, tell me something I don’t know!” So I will, Darwin actually has a thriving live music scene and for a place that’s far away from the usual live touring circuit, they’ve produced some great bands of late, including Summit who are set to release their new Echoes of Aberration EP upon the world tomorrow and luckily for you, they’re premiering the stream with us so you can potentially get acquainted with your new favourite band.

We grabbed the guys for a chinwag and meet & greet of sorts to find out all about their new release and life in the NT.

Hey legends, congrats on your Echoes of Aberration EP, considering there are 5 songs on it, I want you to describe it to us in 5 words before we hear it.

(Wes Beck – Bass): Prodigious, Dynamic, Groovy, Riffage, Engaging

That’s an excellent combination there. Tell us about the band, how’d you guys meet and startup?

(James Atwill – Guitar): Haha that’s a long story so I’ll condense it. Jordy (guitar) and Josh (drums) were fucking around for ages while they were on other projects. I came back to Darwin and started jamming with them. After a while, Jordy got in contact with Wes (bass) through mutual friends. We jammed for a while, went through about 5 or 6 singers until Greeny (vox) came along – he worked with Wes. We all clicked straight away and within 6 months started gigging with about 6 songs

Couldn’t have asked for a better explanation if I tried haha now us southerners don’t hear much about Darwin besides the crocodiles and backpackers. Paint us a picture, what’s the Darwin live music scene like?

(Matt Greenaway – Vocals): It’s seriously so good. So many different genres and all of quality. We all push each other and are always keen to do shows with one another. So you come to a show in Darwin it’ll have metal, hardcore, punk, indie. Makes for a more diverse crowd and fucking awesome party afterwards.

Nice, will have to make the trip up there in the future to check it out. Do you guys find it harder to play shows since you’re so far away from the usual touring circuits or is there a healthy, supportive scene up there that gets behind you?

(James Atwill – Guitar): Darwin is definitely far away from the rest of Australia’s scene. The scene up here is really tight knit, but really diverse genre-wise. You’ll never have a show of a single genre – there’s punk, metal, post-hardcore, alternative etc. But it’s great because people can get into music they never thought they’d be into, or will watch bands they’d never normally watch. There is so much support up here for music – between the bands up here and from the fans!

Well if the rest of the country could take something from Darwin in that regard, we’d all be winning. I’ve heard stories from mates who worked up that way, any crazy show stories for us?

(Matt Greenaway – Vocalist): The clubs we play at are relatively small. But the crowd still goes nuts for metal bands. There’s always a small pit and people crowd surfing in a space about 15m square. The locals go crazy. I played a whole gig at Chrissy time in a Santa suit once. It was the wet season and 100% humidity. I thought I was going to pass out haha.

Ah yep, the old regretful on stage costumes, we’ve all been there… Back on topic, where’d the inspiration behind the EP come from?

(Matt Greenaway – Vocalist): Life experiences. There has been a lot of happiness but also a lot of pain in my life. Life is a fucking rollercoaster and everyone has to deal with whatever gets thrown their way and the choices they make. Whether they are positive or negative, everything that happens shapes you. It’s all about coming out at the end towards the good life and being the best you can.

And that’s what makes a great release, the relatability of the songs through the stuggles of the lyrics. Nice. When are you next heading down the East Coast of Australia? or any tour plans in the works?

(Wes Beck – Bass): We have just started touching base with some venues and other bands down the east coast. We are looking at playing a few interstate shows before the year is out. Being a small band from Darwin touring for us is going to be expensive with lots of money chewed up in flights, so if you do get a chance to see us come buy a shirt or CD. Thats the life blood of small bands!

Well when you’ve got a decent sound behind you like you do with this EP, I’ll gladly sling you a few bucks for a shirt and/or beer when you make it to Brisbane. Any last words of wisdom?

Its just a ride – Bill Hicks

Right on.

Interview by Browny @brownypaul 

Summit‘s Echoes of Aberration is out tomorrow, pre-order it here and stream it below

Echoes of Aberration EP Art

Summit – Echoes of Aberration EP tracklisting

1. Cut You Open
2. Echoes
3. Abyss
4. Patient Zero
5. Seppuku

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