PurEnvy – Redemption (Album Review)

Released: 8th June 2018

Line up:
Adam Kiefel | vocals and guitars
Josip Malkoc | vocals and guitars
Dave Lewsam | bass
Zac Swan | drums


There are a few things to love about Newcastle and the Hunter region: good wine, good beer … actually that’s all I could think of without using Google. But after wrapping my ears around the latest release from PurEnvy I can categorically add, great heavy fuckin’ music to the top of the list.

Released back in June, it’s taken me a while to catch up but I’m fucking glad I did. I usually won’t review anything unless I’m sent an advance copy  – ‘cause that’s the kind of selfish prick I am. But once in a blue moon, something comes along that reminds me why I got into reviewing music in the first place – purely for the love of it. There’s a lot to love about Redemption, the obvious New Wave Of British Heavy Metal influences combined with a shit ton of thrash/speed metal goodness. Vocally the Novocastrians manage to combine melodic harmonies with unclean vocals. Initially I was getting a Testament/Slayer vibe from lead vocalist Adam Kieffel but the more I listened I realised old mate has forged his own style. But he’s not all out there on his own, Josip Malkoc brings the brutality with some amazing Children of Bodomesque growls. The two swap so seamlessly I had to check it was actually two different vocalists.  The pair brings a twin vocal and guitar attack giving a really modern feel to that age old metal tradition. While I’m salivating over musicianship Dave Lewsam’s bass playing is as good as you will hear. He and drummer Zac Swan are a tight as fuck rhythm section. Their driving grooves combined with 100 mile an hour thrash, complex timing changes and outright awesomeness are the backbone of PurEnvy.


On this album nothing is wasted, there may only be eight tracks but each one makes a statement, every one a stamp of heavy metal authority. Don’t expect three and a half minute radio friendly tunes for your listening pleasure. In the best tradition of Iron Maiden or Metallica the boys push the traditional time limit boundaries with enough changes and complexity to keep you listening. Unless you’re smart enough to tune into The Faction or Andrew Haug Radio don’t expect to hear PurEnvy on the airways anywhere. I found it almost impossible to pick a favourite track off Redemption. The opening track ‘Deception’ is a riff laden masterpiece and just as I was about to crown it my favourite until I got kicked in the balls for seven minutes and twenty seconds by ‘Hollow’, then got completely floored by ‘Blood of the Innocent’. So it goes, each track is as good as the previous. Believe me when I say PurEnvy take no prisoners. The only other album I could compare it to is the legendary Allegiance D.e.s.t.i.t.u.t.i.o.n  – yes folks it may just be that good.

If you love melodic thrash metal with a decent dose of brutal vocal growls, you like me, will have this album on frequent rotation for a long time to come. It’s safe to say Redemption has smashed it’s way into my top ten albums of 2018.

purenvy - redemption

PurenvY – Redemption tracklist

  1. Deception
  2. Hollow
  3. Embodied by Dust
  4. End of Days
  5. Blood of the Innocent
  6. March to our Graves
  7. Redemption
  8. Forsaken

Rating: 9/10
Redemption is Out Now. Get your copy here.
Reviewed by Gareth Williams

Revisit frontman Adam Kiefel co-hosting our Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast here

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