Make Them Suffer – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 18 August @ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC

Make Them Suffer
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC
August 18th, 2018
Supports: Silent Planet, Oceans Ate Alaska and Thornhill

You know what they say, consistency is key, and Perth deathcore champs Make Them Suffer have stuck with the winning recipe and are still blowing up, without any sign of plateauing. The Western Aussies popped over to Melbourne as part of their national tour, with some big names who came along for the ride. The Corner Hotel sold out and opened its doors for punters to swarm out of the cold, and into the sauna, just in time to catch locals Thornhill, who are also kicking all kinds of goals at the moment.

Thornhill leapt onto the stage and owned it, launching into their set and turning it on right away. The front third of the venue was getting a warm-up by eager moshers who were already getting moving. The majority of punters had arrived in time for Thornhill and sang along and nodded to the chaotic and alternative melodies.

The next duo of bands were both making their debut tours down under and were visibly enthralled to be there. First cab off the ranks were Oceans Ate Alaska from the UK who have been building a strong global presence over the last few years. Their latest record Hikari has received the most reception to date; the contemporary metalcore band certainly leveraged their evolving sound. Oceans Ate Alaska sandwiched their cleaner pop-punk prone tracks between the heavier breakdown-heavy bangers, a worthy strategy at a show with a deathcore headliner. There was something for everyone in the set, depending on your spectrum of metalcore appreciation. Despite compressed production as a support act, the band delivered an energy that easily compensated for it.

Silent Planet were highly anticipated, having just released a single that day, building hype for their upcoming album. The Californian group capitalised on their political and meaningful approach to lyrics. With dry-retching vocals and a suspenseful body of riffs, the metalcore band sent a cannon-ball of decibels across the venue. The mosh pit had spread like dominos with crowd-surfing in full force. Fans were exploding with excitement to finally catch these guys live, and they delivered on expectations. Both international outfits cemented a solid foundation for returning to Australian shores, of course with props to the headliners for delivering the people to the venue and experience them.

After a sizeable evening, 11pm was fast approaching and Make Them Suffer were primed to jump up on stage and deliver a blistering set to the buzzed Victorian crowd. Though the band are known for their bone-crushingly heavy tracks, this set really highlighted these, delivering their fastest and biggest tracks from across their back catalogue. From opening with single ‘27′ to closing with single ‘Ether’, Make Them Suffer picked all the fan favourites off the shelf, even digging back all the way to their Lord of Woe EP.

The production quality was turned up to 100, the drum-beats were shattering and it was clear that vocalist Sean Harmanis had certainly done his vocal warm-ups. The front-man bellowed with all he had between each and every breakdown, detonating the crowd into complete chaos. Tracks like ‘Vortex’ and ‘Widower’ were simply wild, whilst the Old Souls era of tunes like ‘Blood Moon’ and ‘Let Me In’ embodied the band’s unique character, harnessing harmonic vocals and keys from Booka Nile. Harmanis genuinely thanked the crowd for selling out the venue on a big footy night and promised they would be back soon. All in all, an incredibly decent evening in Melbourne.

Gig Review by Ricky Aarons @rickysaul90

Photo Gallery by Sean Fabre-Simmonds. Insta: @gravy_havock
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Oceans Ate Alaska

Silent Planet

Make Them Suffer

make them suffer tour 2018

Make Them Suffer – Australian Tour
with Silent Planet, Oceans Ate Alaska and Thornhill

August 18th @ Uni Bar, rAdelaide

August 24th @ Capitol, Perth

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