Listen to the new song for Common Life (feat. ex-Heroes for Hire member Duane Hazell)

Time to play a bit of catch up, former Heroes for Hire member Duane Hazell has been slowly releasing songs from his new side project Common Life and today the guys have released track number three. However, it’s only slightly different from his pop punk roots, as this band heads in a more melodic-hardcore direction akin to that of The Used. We had a chat to Duane and guitarist Cameron Hystek about the new track and to find out more about this new band that deserves your attention.

Guys, congrats on the new track, it’s heavy, pop punky and catchy as fuck. Well done

Duane: Thanks, man! We’ve been sitting on this track for about 2 years or more so it’s nice to finally be able to show people.

In comparison to the first single ‘Liar, Liar’, you sound like you’re heading in a different direction, does this mean the album/EP (if there is one) will be a diverse range of songs?

Cameron: No firm decision on an album, or EP yet. At the moment we are just exploring different styles. It’s a welcome change from trying to release anything within a particular genre’s guidelines and in a certain timeframe. We’re in a good place musically and in no rush, so who knows what the next few songs we release will be like?


I like that approach, you’re in control of everything you do which is awesome. Back to the song, what is ‘Enemy’ all about?

Cameron: Enemy follows the emotional journey I went through while going through the unexpected break up of a long term relationship. I wanted to follow as closely as possible, not only the range of emotion I felt, but also how that emotion evolved. Going through something like that is a rollercoaster that starts with confusion and depression, and is mixed with small threads of hope that it can still work out.

But, very quickly this turns into anger and blame when the communication breaks down and you realise there’s no hope. Tempers get short, and discussions turn into arguments over the tiniest disagreement, especially when you realise they have moved on surprisingly fast. That’s what I wanted this song to reflect.

And it’s a topic most of us will go through at some point in our life, so well done on being able to get through that and turn it into an expressive piece of art. Now, this band has been going for about a year now and only 3 songs have been released so far, have you got any others banked up or are you just waiting for the right time etc?

Duane: We’ve actually recorded the music for about 5 other tracks, but we just haven’t gotten around to recording the vocals yet. We’ve also got a bunch of demos sitting in the bank too, so hopefully we can find some free time and get the cash together to record them all sooner rather than later.

As Cameron mentioned, we’re not in any particular rush or setting any deadlines for ourselves right now. It’s just nice to be able to record bits and pieces whenever we can to scratch that musical itch.

When will you guys start playing shows?

Duane: We’re definitely open to the idea of playing shows but we haven’t been very proactive about it to be honest, haha.

Ok, I get the idea, a very casual approach for Common Life haha Well, talking about shows, either Brad (Smith) is fucking with everyone or something is brewing with Heroes for Hire, is there anything going on fans should know about?

Duane: Browny, if I told you, I’d have to kill you! Nah, Brad and I have been chatting a fair bit lately & we’re in a good place right now so anything is possible I guess?


That’s the exact same thing he said to me a few weeks back. I’ve got my eye on you guys. However, what’s next for Common Life?

Duane: Right now, we’re just taking it one song at a time. Mostly because we all work full time jobs and don’t have the time or cash to record more than one song at a time haha. I would like to eventually do an EP or album in the future though.

Well I guess we won’t wait with baited breath in that case, keep going though, this new project sounds great. Is there anything else you want to add?

Duane: I think that just about covers everything for now, mate! Thanks for your continued support and the work you’re doing for our music scene, you legend! Speak soon!

The pleasure is all mine legend.

Interview by Browny @brownypaul 

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