Looks like New Music from Bring Me The Horizon is coming this month

UPDATE: Looks like cover art has been found on Reddit and shared by @daily_bmth on Instagram. New music should be out Today, August 21st but maybe tonight or tomorrow due to time differences between the UK and Australia


Bring Me The Horizon - Mantra Cult Sydney

UPDATE: Posters have been spotted around Sydney, we’ve had the above photo supplied to us via the AM//PM Instagram Story and as you can see there is an Australian hotline number you can call, 1300 105 469. Curiosity got the better of us and Browny called it to find out what would happen… The phone call is below for your listening pleasure


The age of teasing new music is upon us, twenty one pilots just wrapped up a whole bunch of clues before announcing their new album Trench, The Amity Affliction are teasing song samples at the moment (hear it on our Facebook page) and now it looks like Bring Me The Horizon are gearing up to release new music and we could be hearing our first taste of it by August 21st according to a bunch of clues picked up by superfans in the UK.

One of the hardest things about living so far away from the action is we only get to see what’s shared online by onlookers and fans so we’ve gathered as much information about the upcoming tease/release as we can. daily_bmth on Instagram has started publishing photos of posters set up around London which includes the logo used by the band for the promotion of their single ‘Drown‘.

There’s also a phone number to call, 0800-888-6448, which has an interchanging message once connected (the first of which was spiritual talking from a lady before cutting to a teaser of music samples and random noises). There’s also information about a website that was found via reddit (joinmantra.org) which takes you to a home screen with an “invitation to salvation”, a second (possibly new?) logo, which is at the bottom of the above-mentioned teaser poster and the following words:

For countless ages a goal of religion has been the salvage of the human soul.
Man has tried by many practices to find the pathway to salvation.
He has held the imperishable hope that someday in some way he would be free.
Man has spoken of the second coming of Christ and of the Judgment Day.
We have kept wide the doorway for this salvation by retaining religious freedom.
And here, after these ages of grief and suffering, through terrible wars and catastrophe, 
the hope still lives – and with that hope, accomplishment.

Man can save his soul. Like the bright cool dawn after a night of prison and of thunder, man can taste that freedom sought so long. There are those who will say that only after a lifetime of sacrifice and good doing can the soul be free – that God demands conditions in the freedom and that some have the power of making mankind slaves.

But these things too have answers. And all we tell you now is that you can be free.
But first, we must piss you off.
Salvation will return.
21 August 2018

Could that mean the band’s new album will take aim at religion? Also, that’s gotta mean the first taste of that new music will arrive on August 21st right? Either way, it’s fucking exciting for Bring Me The Horizon fans who have been waiting for their first taste of new music since the band released That’s The Spirit back in 2015.

Get keen.

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