Disturbed want YOU to pick the first single off their new album

It’s the oldest trick in the book… ask fans to pick the first song off your forthcoming album, but don’t tell them your management/label teams already have something scheduled in so both singles will see the light of day eventually. That seems to be the plan Disturbed are going for with their forthcoming album’s debut single.

They would like fans to ‘Vote’ for either a heavy song or another ballad akin to that of their cover of ‘The Sound of Silence‘ which went gangbusters around the world and gave the guys a whole bunch of new fans who were “shocked” to realise they were actually a heavy band at their most recent Australian tour cycle (our Perth review here). Their cover also scored them 414 Million YouTube hits and a performing spot on The X Factor‘s 2016 series in Australia sooooo yeah there’s that. Go Dad-Rock!

In a statement on the band’s website, they’ve asked their Disturbed Ones (Fans):

“The new record is done! The new album includes many styles of music. Since our last album and the recent footage from the studio, we’ve seen a lot of discussion about the evolution of our new music. Disturbed Ones, we have decided to embrace the debate. For our next single – what kind of sound do you want it to be?”

Voting closes Tuesday and only you (ha!) hold the power for what the band will release first. I for one would love to see the band go back a few years and release something akin to that of their 2005 Ten Thousand Fists album or even back as far as The Sickness (2000) and/or Believe (2002) but now they’re on a roll, no doubt it’ll be something similar to their underwhelming 2015 release Immortalized.

Either way, vote here

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