Queensland Rail have gone Metal in new campaign \m/

Usually in mainstream media, Heavy Metal music is often considered taboo or a niche market compared to that of the churn and burn pop genre we see everywhere we turn, but it seems the folks at the Queensland Rail Advertisement/Marketing team have a few metalheads within their staff because their latest warning/marketing campaign for Rail Safety Week features a fully fledged glam metal band warning commuters about the dangers of not paying attention around rail crossings.

In a scary, but important statement, QR revealed:

“Last financial year, 248 near hits between trains & road users were reported at our level crossings. Trains are heavy metal juggernauts. They’re big, fast and take a long time to stop. At level crossings, keep yourself safe. Obey the signs and signals, stop and wait.”


The new campaign aims to raise awareness for those either walking or driving across rail crossings to pay attention or be hit by a giant heavy metal machine. It’s cheesy, random as fuck and thought-provoking all in one, but it is exciting to see Heavy Metal being used for a viral campaign. Its almost as good as the time the QLD Police Service revealed their love for breakdowns… in Parkway Drive songs only.

Anyway take a look at the videos below and pay attention at railway crossings yeah?

To protect the safety of you, your family and others at railway crossings:

  1. Pay attention to signs and signals
  2. Never enter a railway crossing if the red lights are flashing or the boom gates are down
  3. Never queue across train tracks Always look out for the second train
  4. Remember that some railway crossings don’t have lights or boom gates.
  5. At these crossings, always follow the traffic signs and signals before driving on.

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