ALBUM STREAM: Of Misery give hard hitting mental health topics a brutal soundtrack with Black Noose EP

Tomorrow, Of Misery will unleash their brand new EP Black Noose upon the world which is full of breakdowns, as heavy as the issues discussed in the music’s themes. The Brisbane deathcore band tackle mental health issues like depression, anxiety, abuse and bullying just to name a few, all of which are issues close to the heart of those performing them, we caught up with drummer Cai Cardenas to chat about the making of the EP and the experiences that influenced their sheer brutal sound.

Guys, congrats on Black Noose. First of all it’s fucking brutal in sound, I love it and I also appreciate the honesty with the themes addressed on it too. For those unaware, the EP looks at mental illness and touches on subjects of depression, anxiety, bullying and abuse. Why’d you decide to head down this angle with the release?

Thanks man, glad you like it! We wanted to write music that was heavy-hitting but also that was about something real and relevant to us. Depression, bullying, anxiety, drug abuse, these are all massive and very serious issues in our day-to-day lives and affect a lot of people, but it’s not often talked about. We wanted to create something that could be enjoyed from a musical aspect, but also as a way to speak to those affected by these types of issues and to let them know that they’re not alone in their struggles.

Were personal experiences the influence in the writing process?

Yes, our vocalist Charley writes all the lyrics and are mostly based on either his personal experiences or the experiences and stories of loved ones. When we formed we knew the type of heavy music we wanted to write, and then when Charley joined and offered his ideas for lyrical themes, it was a perfect match.

What have you done to assist yourselves/each other with addressing your own mental health?

Writing this type of music has meant that there is an open forum in us discussing these topics with each other. We’re all good friends and are very supportive of each other, both inside and outside of the band.

Mental Health Awareness used to be a taboo topic but now more than ever, people are sharing their struggles and managing stories. Is it hard for you guys to share your experiences via music or is it more therapeutic getting it out in the open?

It’s definitely therapeutic, especially when playing shows, but it’s always difficult to talk about these things. Sometimes writing about personal experiences can bring up past or even present issues, but overall it helps to get these things out in the open. And we definitely encourage others to do the same.

What are you hoping fans and mental illness sufferers will take away from the EP and it’s themes?

For mental illness sufferers especially, we hope that they can realise that they are not alone. Others have gone through what they are currently going through, and to please seek out help from their friends and family. But we also hope that fans of heavy music in general enjoy what we have created. While we generally call ourselves a downtempo deathcore band, we try to incorporate a lot of different influences and musical aspects. Our music can be angry, emotional, aggressive, exciting, depressing, even cathartic. Ultimately we just try to create music that is heavy and something you can mosh to. While it does go to some dark places, we hope it’s also enjoyable for people.

You teamed up with Cory Judd who had his hand in producing music from A Night In Texas and Crowned in Flesh. What’s one significant lesson he taught you guys in the recording process?

Working with Cory was great, he definitely pushed all of us out of our comfort zones and ensured we all gave 110%. It’s tough recording and can be mentally and physically draining, but it’s definitely worth all the hard work. We’re all incredibly happy and proud of the outcome.

The EP is out tomorrow (thanks for premiering it with us today though), how will you guys celebrate the release?

Well we are playing a show tomorrow night with Wraith, The Gloom In The Corner and Crowned In Flesh, among others, so that is kind of our unofficial release show! If you’re in Brisbane definitely come out and party with us! $10 on the door at The Morrison Hotel in Woolloongabba.

Yeah boy, anything else you’d like to add?

If you enjoy our EP, maybe consider throwing us a like on Facebook or even purchasing our music, it all goes a very long way in supporting us and helping us to continue to write and play shows. Now that our EP is finally out we’re excited to hear what people think and we plan to play as many shows as we can, both locally and around the country. We’re also currently working on new songs so hope to have some even heavier releases in the near future. Stay posted!

You heard the man, find the boys on Facebook right here

Interview by Browny @brownypaul 

Catch Of Misery at The  Morrison Hotel in Brisbane tomorrow night August 10th.

of misery bris show

Of Misery – Supporting Wraith, The Gloom in the Corner, Crowned in Flesh and more

August 10th @ Morrison Hotel, Brisbane

Tickets On The Door

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