Kevin Cameron discusses I Killed The Prom Queen’s 2005 lineup reuniting for UNIFY

Well you can definitely mark this off as one of the Exclusive Reunion sets at UNIFY GATHERING 2019 with Kevin Cameron of I Killed The Prom Queen confirming with our very own PaulBrowny’ Brown on The Faction, that he will be EXCLUSIVELY teaming up with the band’s 2005 lineup consisting of Michael Crafter, Jona WeinhofenSean Kennedy and JJ Peters for a very special one-off show at the music festival.

The original lineup are reuniting to perform songs from the band’s 2003-2005 era which includes the albums When Goodbye Means Forever (2003), Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You EP (2005), Choose To Love, Live or Die EP (2002) and possibly even tracks from their IKTPQ/Parkway Drive: Split CD (2003). Kevin revealed during the interview the only way this idea was able to happen was due to the band’s current lineup (consisting of Jamie Hope, Jona, Kevin, Ben Coyte and Shane O’Brien) not touring and the 2005 OG crew all being in the same country at the same time:

“It was just good timing, everyone’s living in different parts of the world, JJ’s in Europe a lot, Jona lives in American now, a couple of us are in Melbourne. The band at the moment, with the more current lineup isn’t touring; So when UNIFY came to us with the offer it was a matter of people [being] home for the holidays seeing their families again and it worked out that we were going to be in the same place for that week, which is pretty uncommon.”


The last time these legends shared a stage together with the band was back in 2008 on the Say Goodbye Tour alongside Bring Me The Horizon, The Ghost Inside and The Red Shore, a tour often spoken about as one of the best ever by many hardcore/metalcore fans from way back in the day. Browny asked Kevin if he recalls much from the tour to which he replied:

“In terms of playing so many well attended shows right at the end of it was kind of bittersweet because [at] times throughout we were like ‘Maybe there’s a way to keep going with the momentum or whatever’ because, we were doing good numbers at the time before we decided to can it for a few years. All the bands on the package were pretty well suited to each other, it was a month long family vacation.”

“That one, particularly in Australia, was a stand out one for everyone involved and that’s obviously where we teamed up with Jamie (Hope) in The Red Shore who would become the next singer.”

However, on the subject of memorable moments and the Sleepless Nights and City Lights accompanying DVD of the tour though, it turns out things didn’t really go according to plan at first:

“I had a cold right at the start of it and I reacted pretty bad to some of the medication, so the first week of it I was a bit out of it. I haven’t ever watched the DVD, my copy that we got from the record label is still in shrink wrap, [I] haven’t actually seen it”

“But I think we all agreed at the time the Sydney show at the Roundhouse really stuck together pretty well. Adelaide always going to be really good as a home town show and then I think we did four shows at the end in Brisbane that had a fairly celebratory atmosphere [with] a lot of crowd involvement and that.”


Someone hook him up with an old copy of the DVD at UNIFY yeah? Back on the subject, as for the songs, albums and EPs from that early era, if you’re wondering what might be getting a play with the guys, you can probably expect everything prior to 2006’s infamous Music for the Recently Deceased which saw the band fire Crafter and replace him with Ed Butcher during the recording process.

“I think the plan particularly being the 15th Anniversary of that first LP we put out with Michael singing on it, the plan is to do the set based around those songs. We haven’t all got together to jam or anything yet. Essentially the plan is to stick to maybe the Parkway split, maybe When Goodbye Means Forever, maybe the follow up EP, but we haven’t really got that far into the discussions yet.”

“But essentially it’s gonna be all the super oldies”

Kevin Cameron also made it clear that this exclusive show will not affect the current lineup of I Killed The Prom Queen moving forward and that they’ll soon be teaming up again for new tours with new writing/music on the way soon. So if you’ve been wanting/craving to see the band play songs from way back in their catalogue, UNIFY will be your only chance to do it.

Tickets are on sale Tomorrow at 12 Midday AEST. The Official Lineup drops at 9am. We’ll have you covered once it’s out, so check back in tomorrow morning. Until then, listen to the full interview via our mates at The Faction below, download their App here and follow them on Facebook.

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