Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall Episode #49 feat. John Floreani of Trophy Eyes is OUT NOW

Australia’s pop punk scene is in great hands, especially with Trophy Eyes at the helm, their new album The American Dream is the topic of conversation in Episode #49 of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall with frontman John Floreani on co-hosting duties. The band, while still young into their careers, have achieved so much in a short amount of time, worldwide success, signing to a top label and unfortunate accumulation of hate/negativity from so-called fans. John explains that they didn’t start the band to be famous, they just wanted to release music that they liked playing and if people enjoyed it along the way, so be it. What they didn’t expect was the wave of unruly fans who think they know what’s best for the band and how their sense of entitlement really puts a dampener on it all.

No one wants to be told they suck or that they’re making music one person isn’t a fan of and (on a far worse end of the spectrum) that someone thinks they should die because they’re doing something different to what they started with. Its keyboard warriors and scum like that who really put a dampener on the music industry, but Trophy Eyes are doing their part to stand their ground and fight back, calling out the “haters” with new track ‘You Can Count On Me‘ and a new stance on how the music industry perceives them.

John Floreani more than happily addresses the current state of music with podcast host Browny and how the band’s maturing over the years has assisted the band’s progression in sound and direction. Their new album kicks arse and should be heard by everyone. Also, being a pop-punk hero, our ‘Ultimate Pop Punk Song’ is back and John more than happily joins the likes of Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory), Scott Eckel (Makeout) and Mitch Chamberlain (Satellites) by contributing his lyrics to the cause. If you’re new to the idea, take a listen to how it all plays out.

There’s also plenty of pop punk goodness to get you through the day including New Music from Hands Like Houses, twenty one pilots, Stateside, Eat Your Heart Out, Grizzlyshark and Alkaline Trio, throwbacks from +44, Satellites, Paramore, Green Day, Tonight Alive and Introvert + former Heroes for Hire frontman Brad Smith recalls some of his favourite memories whilst playing in the band and how things have changed since his very public ousting back in 2013.

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