ICYMI: Week Ending 29th April 2018

It’s been a huge week for music news and tours in Australia and, as you know, some of the announcements get missed so we’ve compiled a whole bunch of stuff we didn’t get to first time and a recount fo some of the best stuff from the week you should be all over…

New Make Them Suffer

Totally unexpected, Perth locals Make Them Suffer dropped a new song called ‘27‘ out of the blue ahead of their Australian Tour next month alongside Silent Planet, Oceans Ate Alaska and Thornhill. as expected, it’s a heavy as fuck assault on your senses and proves these upcomers are on another level when it comes to heavy music down under. Grab a ticket to their upcoming show and jump on board the hype train if you haven’t already.

make them suffer

Make Them Suffer – August Aus Tour

Tickets Here


Psychostick release new album DO

This one will be a bit obscure if you’re not a regular listener to our weekly Wall of Sound: Up Against the Wall podcast series, but one of our favourite comedic heavy metal acts Psychostick released their new album DO (buy it here) on Friday and one of the lead singles takes the piss out of one of the most useless days of the week, ‘Tuesday‘. They’re an acquired taste for some, but for those who can enjoy their breakdowns and joke tracks, you may find yourself appreciating them more than you’d think.


Hands Like Houses announced a new album + single

Aussie heroes Hands Like Houses are back and out of nowhere they revealed their new album -Anon will be released October 12th via Hopeless Records (Pre-Order here) and to get you hyped up for the release, they’ve put out a brand new song/video for ‘Overthinking‘. It’s a melodic and potential mainstream banger that just makes you want to sing along.


Yellowcard’s William Ryan Key is touring Australia solo

Following the band’s demise and Final World Tour last year (our Melbourne coverage here), William Ryan Key of Yellowcard is heading back to Australian shores for a solo tour. The former frontman will be bringing his solo EP Thirteen to the East Coast in September and he hopes fans will join him for his next chapter stating:

“I can only hope that this release is the beginning of a new chapter both for myself, and for the fans that have supported me for so very long.”

william ryan key tour

William Ryan Key – Solo Australia East Coast Tour

Tickets Here


The Iron Eye are also hitting up Australia’s East Coast

If you loved Birds of Tokyo‘s latest album Brace, chances are you’ll dig Brisbane rock act The Iron Eye‘s new single ‘Conscience Cleaner‘ which the boys will be taking on the road for a quick East Coast Tour and a trip to New Zealand where they received quite a bit of radio airplay last year, resulting in a want/need for them to visit. The guys had Shihad‘s Tom Larkin produce it who said the band’s new sound is like:

“The Prodigy.. if they were a rock band.

the iron eye tour

The Iron Eye – Cleaner Conscience Tour

Tickets Here


Lzzy Hale chats all about Halestorm’s new album and the Music Industry on our podcast series

Being a female frontwoman for a heavy metal/rock band has it’s ups and downs, for years no one took Lzzy Hale seriously and she explained in some cases, radio stations featured female-fronted bands in a novelty category, meaning if that spot was filled, it there’d be no way for other female-fronted bands to get a crack. Thats just a sample of what we discussed with her during her podcast co-hosting duties this week, you can take a listen to the full interview right here. Vicious is Out Now via Warner Music Australia. Buy your copy here

WoS UATW Halestorm


The Amity Affliction have taken a trip back to the 80’s…

Their new album Misery is out next month but The Amity Affliction raised a few eyebrows with their latest single’s new sound/direction which is heavily influenced by 80’s synth, akin to that of the old Ghostbusters theme song… Fans are divided on the new sound, maybe because something like this hasn’t been done before (and if it has, it was done so poorly this writer has forgotten about it), but it’s certainly different and unlike anything the band have done in the past, especially the time when they had keyboardist Trad Nathan synthing up their sound back in the Severed Ties/Youngbloods era. Check out the Misery short film follow up here


Wreath sign with EVP Recordings

Yeah that’s the same legends who signed Pagan and look how they have fucking blown up bigger than predicted, Wreath hail from Sydney and at first you may recognise them as someone else, they used to be called Legions but they’re back with a new purpose and the same extreme metal sound and mentality. ‘Revolutionary Suicide’ is the band’s celebratory single with a new album on the way in 2019.


Big Sound 2018 is set to be HUUUGE.

Australia’s answer to SXSW is Big Sound and in 2018 they’re upping the ante on heavy/rock bands by adding Bare BonesEat Your Heart Out, Stateside, Arteries, Gravemind, Between You & Me, Butterfingers, Cast Down, Walken, Wildheart, Thornhill, The Comfort, The Beautiful Monument, Slowly Slowly and heaps more to their lineup of acts set to grace Fortitude Valley with their presence from September 4-7. Get keen and prepare your livers now. All the details here


Grizzlyshark release debut EP Restart

Back in January, we spoke with Joey McClennan (the guy who asked Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters if he could shred on stage with them in Brisbane, and killed it) who told us he had a band that was working on some new material, well, that new music has arrived. His band Grizzlyshark put out their debut two-track EP and also released a new single from and it, not surprisingly, its actually pretty fucking good. Take a listen below and get to know the band via Facebook.


Skyharbour unveil new single/album

And last but certainly not least, if prog-metal is up your alley, you should jump on Skyharbour asap as they’ve just announced their new album Sunset Dust will get released on September 7th via eOne and to celebrate they’ve released the single ‘Dissent‘ which the band describes as:

“It’s sort of a throwback to all of our metal influences from our youth blended with the skyharbor sound. It’s a bit of an outlier on the record stylistically, but it has definitely turned into one of our favorite songs.”

Pre-Orders can be made right here, until then check out the track below

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