Australia has a new Nu-Metal act to froth over, get to know the infamous Skorched

With Australian bands like Ocean Grove and Serene leading the way for the nu-metal revival down under, it was only a matter of time before more potential revivalists emerged from the ashes to join the fight to bring the (at times) shunned genre back to life. The latest band to jump in are the infamous Melbourne band Skorched who have released their new track ‘Bury You Breathing‘ which immediately brings back the old school vibes of KoЯn‘s early days with loud and sexy as fuck basslines.

The thing that makes Skorched stand out is the anonymousness of it’s members, everyone wearing masks to hide their identities, even when it comes to addressing what the new single is about, there’s no name attached to the statement, just the words of a faceless member stating:

New single ‘Bury You Breathing’ is essentially a song about ourselves, as self-involved as that may come across. It’s very much a statement that we are here to deliver our own take on the music that has deeply influenced and shaped us all individually, which continues to influence us to this day. Put simply, ‘Bury You Breathing’ is a mission statement of sorts that we are confident and we are coming.” 

No strangers to the playing circuit these guys have already racked up shows with the likes of Alpha WolfGravemind, Honest Crooks, Daybreak and The Gloom in the Corner so it won’t be long before you catch them at a show near you. 

In the meantime, track the band down on Facebook

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