Hollywood Undead sound almost unrecognisable in new single ‘Gotta Let Go’

If rap-rock is your thing, (and we’re talking about the not-so good kind like Body Count) then you’re probably going to froth over the new single for Hollywood Undead which is called ‘Gotta Let Go‘.

Its a raw, stripped back and very different take in comparison to the band’s previous fan favourite songs like ‘Party By Myself‘ and ‘Been to Hell‘ both of which have racked up plenty stacks of views on YouTube.

Vocalist/Bassist Johnny 3 Tears says of the video:

“We wanted the ‘Gotta Let Go’ video to be a visceral experience about letting go of something we all have to part with in the end… Our mortality is what gives life its defining purpose. It’s our greatest gift and our greatest cross to bear. We wanted to capture that delicate legacy in our own way, and this video was our interpretation of life…and its inevitable ending.”


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