PREMIERE: Treat your ears to Flynn Effect’s Monumental new track ‘Colossus’

Hailing from Brisbane, Flynn Effect have slowly but surely been making their way up the heavy music scene with their combinations of hard rock, alluring vocals and impressive stage presence which has resulted in them sharing the stage with bands like Seether, Lacuna Coil, Wednesday 13 and more. The band have a brand new song out called ‘Colossus‘ that we’re premiering below, which you’ll be able to find on their forthcoming Monument EP after it gets released on July 6th.

In celebratuon of the new release, we grabbed frontwoman Tomina Vincent to find out more about the effect their music is having on not only themselves, but their fans…

Hey Tomina, congrats and thanks for sharing ‘Colossus’ with us, what’s this one all about?

Thank you! It’s actually about the pointlessness of war. I’m a bit of a military history enthusiast and I’ve always wanted to write about that, and finally I got the opportunity to. I’m fascinated by people’s experiences during war time and especially what they are capable of faced with that kind of environment.

Colossus itself tells the story of a combat unit, marching to their death with a song on their lips, knowingly going to their death. I just love that paradox and it created a really cool contrast with the uplifting melody. So I hope everyone digs it! It’s my favourite song from the EP.

It’s certainly a great idea and sounding track too. Now as a first time listener I could kinda hear throwbacks to bands like Lacuna Coil/Evanescence (but with your own unique style) would I be right in saying they’ve influenced your band’s sound?

Lacuna Coil were somewhat of an influence in our early days, especially on our first album Skin, but we started writing that in 2012 so it feels like a long time ago. Evanescence not at all actually, I don’t think any of us even listen to them.

Nowadays we’re more influenced by stuff like Pendulum, Devin Townsend, Voyager, Birds of Tokyo, and some completely random stuff like Hans Zimmer and Amy Shark.

Ahhh ok yeah, going back now and having another listen I can hear elements of Brace (Birds of Tokyo) in there, I’ll wait to hear the EP before making a call like that again. Speaking of, the Monument EP is out next month, how do you feel the band has progressed as musicians with this release compared to when you first started back in 2014?

I’m really stoked with where we are to be honest, we’ve done a lot of stuff so far that I always strived for, but wasn’t quite sure we’d get to do, so I’m really happy with everything. We’ve released two albums, we’re about to finish our second tour, and the new EP is out in a couple of weeks. It seems really crazy that that only took four years. We’ve had amazing support from a bunch of people, especially with a few international support slots, and it feels really good to be given these opportunities after putting so much work into what we do. It’s pretty amazing, we are very lucky!

Well you’ve certainly earned it. Talking about those international supports, you’ve shared the stage with Seether, Lacuna Coil and Wednesday 13 to name a few, which band had the most “is this happening?” feel when you got the call up?

Absolutely. I think I cried when we received the Lacuna Coil email because the same week we’d gotten the opening slot for the Osaka Punch show of that year, and we were beside ourselves. I felt the same about Wednesday too, I’ve been a fan for a long time.

(Flynn Effect opening for Seether in Brisbane May 26th, 2018: Charlyn Cameron)

Getting the call for Seether was super surreal, we really didn’t expect it so it was just pure joy. And I don’t think it’s something I will ever get used to, being on lineups like that. But I’m really glad that we get to showcase in front of these audiences because the response has been overwhelmingly positive and I feel that we have something cool to show, so the more people we can show it to, the better! It’s a bit rare for female-fronted acts to get these shows too so that’s an ever greater honour for us, to put some girl power into the mix.

100% Keep smashing it and who knows where it’ll lead you next time. You’re currently on the road for your ‘Believer Tour’ for those who haven’t had the chance to catch you yet, what are we missing out on during a Flynn Effect show?

Usually we’re very indulgent during our hometown shows, we have pyro where allowed, Co2, a really full on light show and stuff like that. Sadly we can’t take that everywhere we go, but we always run some cool effects and costumes and stuff like that. So there’s a bit to look at wherever you see us!

You had me at pyro hahaha After this tour and the release of the EP, what’s next for the band?

We’re entering a bit of a quiet period for a while, of course we’re onto album 3 from here on and we have some stuff planned for later in the year but it’s all hush hush at the moment. All I can say is that this tour is your last chance to catch us live for some time, so get to the remaining shows!

Oh damn, ok making a note of that one. Keen to see what you’ve got coming but thanks for sharing the new track with us and all the best with what’s to come

Thanks for talking to us and hopefully see you on tour. We hope everyone enjoys the EP as much as we enjoyed making it!

Interview by Browny @brownypaul 

Catch Flynn Effect on their Believer Tour right now and Pre-Order their Monument EP before it’s release on July 6th via Bandcamp

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Flynn Effect – Believer Tour

June 29 @ The Back Room, Brisbane

July 1 @ The Workers Club, Melb

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