Bullet For My Valentine will return to Australia before the end of the year

It’s no secret that Bullet For My Valentine have a pretty good relationship with Australia, their last album Venom debuted at #1 on the Aria Charts making it their first (and only) number one charting album around the world, and on top of that, their last tour in 2016 with Atreyu (our Perth coverage here) Sold Out across the country, so it’s no surprise the band are already planning their next venture down under and by the sounds of things, it may be sooner than you think.

Frontman Matt Tuck revealed while co-hosting our Wall of Sound: Up Against the Wall podcast last week, that the band are gearing up for another visit before 2018 wraps up, stating:

“…we’ve got something in the pipeline which we haven’t announced yet but for all our Australian fans, expect something by the end of 2018, so not long at all”

The boys have their brand new album Gravity coming out this Friday (Pre-Order here) and Matt also went into detail about the new release and how different it’s going to be compared to their previous works:

“We just wanted to do something different. We just kind of thought there’s only so many times we do like [a] singing and screaming trade-off. There’s only so many solos you can put in a song without kinda of sounding the same [or like] something you’ve done before.”

“It just wasn’t exciting enough anymore, it wasn’t challenging enough. It just wasn’t appealing to me anymore to recreate the same stuff that we’d always done.”

With that in mind, the new album isn’t as far removed as you’re expected. Yes it’s no Venom or Scream Aim Fire, but it’s a new era of the and especially after the departure of original drummer Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas at the end of 2017 leaving only frontman/guitarist Matt Tuck and guitarist Michael “Padge” Paget as the band’s only founding members.

Stay tuned for that tour announcement soon.

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