Dark Mofo: Day 2 – Festival Review 21st June @ Hobart, TAS

Dark Mofo: Day 2
Hobart, Tasmania
21st June, 2018
Featuring: Delay, Liminals, Winter Feast, & Electric Wizard

Another day, another round of crazy shit adorned with glowing red crucifixes (crucifi?). Today was packed with films, food and fucking excellent music!

DM02 - Delay


James Newitt: Delay

This short film (an hour or so) tracks the thoughts and wanderings of a young individual as she attempts to escape every day life and achieve isolation on an island of the coast of Tasmania, except her isolation only makes her obsess on the last shreds of humanity that are left. Over its runtime, I was never exactly captivated but never did I realise that so much time had passed. It’s a film that grows on you, it makes you think as you walk away. It makes you think as you’re having a beer four hours later. I liked it.



DM02 - Liminal

Jeremy Shaw: Liminals

Another short film, this one taking an approach more akin to a documentary. It’s the future, and we’ve all somehow quantified what faith does to the brain and turned it virtual. But obviously, technology has fucked us and left us faithless, and apparently faith makes people evolve, so these faith atrophied people are attempting to reach a catharsis by injecting themselves with machine DNA and performing ‘antiquated’ rituals. If that sounds hard to follow, it’s because it is. But it’s so interesting to watch it unfold in the form of a documented piece of work. Another great experience in my book.


DM02 - Feast

Winter Feast


If the massive flame spewing gates aren’t enough to let you know, this thing is, well… Massive. Row after row of tables are laid, covered in a mind boggling amount of candles and surrounded by the tastiest food and alcohol I’ve had all trip. Stopped off at the Glaetzer-Dixon wine stall, which showcases some great European style wines grown right here in Tasmania. I then decided to move on and get some duck fat fries covered in all manner of wondrous toppings, followed with a Moo Brew stout, courtesy of the brewery at MONA, a few kilometres outside of the CBD.

Only as I was searching for my next kill did I realise there was a massive outdoor area replete with massive barbecue stations and fire pits to chase away that ridiculously cold weather. Another wine later (free because the lady liked my coat), I found myself looking at The Heavy Metal Kitchen. Despite the name, I passed onto a Thai place where I ordered a squid on a stick: a whole damn squid. Tell you what, it was amazing. Only way I’m eating squid ever again.


Electric Wizard

Obviously you know who Electric Wizard are. You’ve undoubtedly come across them in your metal life, and regardless of whether you know them, like them, or are crazily obsessed with them, they’re a band you should see once. If not for the band itself, then for the contact high you’ll get just standing in the crowd.  See our review and photo gallery right here

Review – Dylonov Tomasivich

DM02 - Wizard

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