Hardcore Superstar – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 15th June @ Prince Bandroom, St. Kilda, VIC

Hardcore Superstar
Prince Bandroom, St. Kilda VIC
15th June 2018
Supports: The BabesAtomic Riot and Catalano

Ten years since Hardcore Superstar first visited our shores. They were finally back …. back with something to prove!

From the opening power of ‘Kick On The Upper Class’ it was evident that Hardcore Superstar weren’t here to mess around. Frontman ‘Jocke’ Berg was in fine form, his energy was intense and infectious; they were truly happy to be here. The constant beaming smile from bassist Martin Sandvik said it all as well. Guitarist Vic Zino played his energetic ass off, one killer riff and shredding solo after the other. Magnus “Adde” Andreasson and Martin are one of the tightest rhythm sections around and make their brand of Street Metal groove; perfection in its power.

With a near perfect setlist for this fan, it made for the ultimate show, a mix of old and new. HCSS picked up perfectly from where they left us in 2008. Cramming 21 years of some of the best rock songs you are likely to hear into just over an hour is no easy feat. HCSS could have played for three hours and I still wouldn’t have been 100% satisfied, but that’s just me. However the exclusion of songs like ‘Glue’, ‘Shame’, ‘Into Debauchery’, ‘Medicate Me’, ‘Honey Tongue’, ‘Bastards’, ‘One More Minute’, ‘C’mon Take On Me’, ‘Guestlist’ and ‘Touch The Sky’ showed they have so many great songs under their belts.

Four new songs from their forthcoming album 9th studio album, ‘Electric Rider’, ‘Bring ‘The House Down’, ‘Baboon’ and ‘Have Mercy On Me’ were received as if they were classics from the back catalogue, the majority of crowd singing every word. You Can’t Kill My Rock N Roll’s September 21 release has me wishing the days away until its release as it promises to be something very special.

From high fives to the crowd, stage divers, searing solos, stage invaders, Jagermeister shots and sing-a-long chorus’a plenty, this show had it all. While their usual production was missing in a physical sense (confetti, inverted crosses and the Hardcore Superbar), this was a raw, loud, energetic, obnoxious, perfect rock n roll show. HCSS proved they don’t need a gimmick, just a stage, instruments, amps and a crowd.

Despite the minor technical issues with Jocke’s wireless microphone, HCSS’ performance was as good as any. Clearly they are just as comfortable in a club environment as they were front of 22,500 people at Sweden Rock Festival just one week earlier. The guys had a blast engaging and encouraging fans to sing out loud, sway their arms and raise their middle fingers in unison.

My personal highlight from this show was the incredible stripped back ‘Someone Special’ which truly highlighted Jocke’s incredible voice and Vic’s perfect accompaniment.

‘Above The Law’ the middle finger anthem closed tonight’s set complete with road crew disassembling monitors and Adde’s drum kit during the song made for fun. His kick drum even made it into the crowd, some thinking it was a gift from the band.

With the music said and done there wasn’t a shortage of high fives, handshakes and fist pumps exchanged between the band and the fans to say thank you as AC/DC’s ‘For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)‘ blared thru the PA.

Ten years between visits was way too long. Thank you to Silverback Touring for making this happen. If what I’m hearing is true Hardcore Superstar will be back to Australia sooner rather than later.

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Gig Review & Photo Gallery by Andrew Slaidins. Instagram @shot_by_slaidins
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Hardcore Superstar


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