Steel Panther – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 22nd May @ Astor Theatre, Perth WA

Steel Panther – Sunset Strip Live!
Astor Theatre, Perth WA
May 22nd, 2018

The musical dick joke that is sunset strip’s Steel Panther sleazed their way across Australia one more time, leaving Perth to assume the position of the final stop. I’ve seen Steel Panther a bunch of times now and each time they bring something a little different. This time along with a fist full of Panther hits they decided to bring a little bit more LA in the guise of an hour-plus set of classic metal covers.

They kicked off in classic Panther fashion with a quick fire ‘Eyes of a Panther’ and ‘Goin’ in the Backdoor’. Instant crowd pleasers, but let’s be honest, they could play just about any song from their catalog and the punters would be happy. Fanthers just love Steel Panther.. But then the wheels on the sleaze machine started to wobble. Bass player Lexxi Foxx had a Spinal Tap moment with his wireless rig failing. Guitarist Satchel stepped up and launched into one of his familiar monologues, which is basically a succession of dick and pussy jokes. You have to laugh, and just about everyone in the packed Astor Theater did. Joke after joke rolled on as the crew darted about trying to get the glamorous bass player back in action. Full credit to Satchel and lead singer Michael Starr between them they did enough to keep the punters amused while Lexxi’s little problem was solved.

The Steel Panther show is a slick and sleezy machine, ridiculous lyrics, hard rocking music and a sense of humour doesn’t just cross the line it’s like the line doesn’t exist. You know what to expect at a SP show, nothing should shock you, it’s going to be dick jokes and juvenile humour… But now I must put on my ranty pants, there was an element in tonight’s crowd that seemed hell bent on fucking things up for everyone else around them. By 9 pm I’d lost count of the number of alpha males full of equal measures of testosterone and alcohol. This heady mix of chemicals has the ability to send the male of the species back in time 250,000 years, transforming him into Neanderthal. The Eurasian knuckle draggers were in full flight (or should that be fight) tonight. Some barely able to stand, none able to form sentences longer than “get fucked cunt”…or words to that effect – sometimes it was hard to tell through the slurring.

I think the low point for me was when Michael Starr threw a t-shirt into the crowd and two absolute fuckwits decided to have a punch up over it. Seriously guys it’s a t-shirt, you could get one from the merch stand for $35! But maybe these guys had spent their last $35 on a few cans of fighting juice but just had to have a new t-shirt. I assume I’m right as one cockhead escorted out past me had somehow ripped his shirt. But seriously guys it’s just a fucking t-shirt! Is it really worth getting thrown out of an awesome gig you paid good money for over a piece of clothing? Actually, forget about the money you paid, what about everyone else around you who paid good money to see a show and they have to put up with your bullshit.

Rant aside Steel Panther fucking killed it! They always do. The addition of the set of metal classics added yet another layer of awesome to an already killer show. During the classic metal set of the show Michael Starr in particular pulled off some amazing vocal performances and imitations. His Ozzy Osbourne must be seen to be believed, it’s spot on and hilarious. I can hear Sharon calling the lawyers already.

It was the last show of the tour so if you didn’t catch them you missed out.

Reviewed by Gareth Williams

Revisit Michael Starr co-hosting Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall right here

Photo Gallery by Josh Ludlow. Instagram: @joshludlow_photoboy
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1 Comment on Steel Panther – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 22nd May @ Astor Theatre, Perth WA

  1. Andrew Spencer // May 25, 2018 at 5:37 pm //

    Absolutely spot-on with your review, especially about the shit-faced uber-bogans. Never understood why someone would shell out nearly 100 rods for a show then get so blathered that they can’t remember it.
    Apart from that, the crowd participation was excellent, SP were cracking as always and both myself and my 21 year-old son laughed our heads off at the Ozzie impersonation. It was brilliant!
    They are the most fun band to go see and look forward to next time…..hopefully.

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