PREMIERE: Faux Bandit prove small bands can produce BIG sounds worthy of your attention

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, bands with two members have to work much harder than those with three or four, but some duo acts actually produce a bigger and much larger sound than that of their smaller peers (e.g. Royal Blood, ‘68, The White Stripes). Today I’m stoked to introduce you to another duo who are certainly going to raise a few eyebrows with their new song which they’ve kindly allowed us to Premiere.

Brisbane’s Faux Bandit are back with a brand new single called ‘Lyrebird Lungs‘ and upon first hearing it, you’re immediately going to compare the band’s sound to that of Queens of the Stone Age, which isn’t a bad thing considering the guys have only been releasing music since 2015. Frontman Adam Brill stopped by for a chat so you can get to know the band on a more personal level…

Hey Adam, thanks for the chat. The thing that caught my attention straight away with ‘Lyrebird Lungs’ was the similarities between Royal Blood and early Queens of the Stone Age. Would I be right in saying they influenced your band’s sound?

I wouldn’t say that Royal Blood really influences us. We definitely admire the production they put out and the quality of the sounds though. Queens of the Stone Age are a much bigger influence.

Hard rock two-piece bands (in my opinion) have to work twice as hard as full bands to produce BIG sounding tracks. You’ve done this well and it sounds fantastic, what do you find is the biggest struggle when writing/recording as a two piece?

Thanks! I think being a two-piece can sometimes be more difficult but it also comes with its own benefits. Not having a separate bassist, for example, means that when we record the guitar it will lock in with the bass without having to play the baseline separately. We really have to give credit to Yanto Browning at Airlock Studios for being so damn good at getting those huge guitar and drum sounds too, couldn’t do it without him.

I’ve nothing but great things coming from Airlock Studios so well done going down that path. When it comes to working with bandmate Josh Johnstone, are there any issues with conflicting ideas and do you play scissors, paper, rock to overcome them? or a good old fashion fisticuffs session? haha

We are both really tough on each other and ourselves with our writing ideas so if we have a song idea or riff that one of us isn’t vibing on we just throw it out and work on something else. It’s much more rewarding to throw out a song and write a better one than it is to force a stale song.

Yep, that’s better than a black eye for sure. Your first EP The Better You Look, The More You See came out in 2015, how do you think the band has changed (if at all) since that debut release?

I think we’ve become a lot more focused and direct in our song-writing. Lyrically we are a lot more confident than we used to be as well – ‘Lyrebird Lungs’ has some of the most violent imagery we’ve ever written and its probably not something we would have been ok with writing three years ago.

Well you’ve progressed in the right direction mate, speaking about EPs, is there another one on the way with this single or maybe an album this time?

We don’t have any plans locked in at the moment but I think another EP down the line might be the go. We don’t feel any pressure to work on a debut album at the moment but that will probably happen sometime in the future when we feel like its what we want.

You’re playing at The Bearded Lady (Brisbane) on June 9 to celebrate the release of your single, what can we expect when we walk in the door to see you guys?

A lot of very loud guitar, drums and yelling. We do recommend ear-plugs.

That’s what we like to hear!!! Anything else you want to say for potential/established fan?

Just thanks for enjoying our song!

And last but not least, finish this sentence: The BEST two-piece band of all time is ______ because _______?

Death From Above 1979 because they got the attitude and the groove.

Thank for the chinwag Adam

Interview by Browny @brownypaul 

There’s plenty to love about Faux Bandit and their new single is just once of those things. Check it out below, purchase it when it’s released tomorrow (here) and chedk the guys out at The Bearded Lady in Brissie on June 9t alongside Bad Sext, Elko Fields and HeartThieves

faux bandit show

Faux Bandit – Lyrebird Lungs Single Launch Show

June 9th @ The Bearded Lady, Brisbane

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