PREMIERE: Serene send shockwaves through the nu-metal revival movement with ‘Stay Awake’

With nu-metal slowly but surely back on the rise again thanks to bands like Sylar and our very own Ocean Grove, it’s only a matter of time before the next wave of nu-metallers reach the dizzying, successful heights like that of KoЯn, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park before them. Serene from Brisbane are the next key player in the genre revival and if their new single ‘Stay Awake‘ is anything to go by, they could reach the top of the class in a short amount of time.

We’re stoked to be Premiering this new song so we grabbed guitarist Jarrad Vickers for a chat about where they’ve been, what’s changed and what the future holds for the now five-piece

Hey Jarrad thanks for the chat and congrats on the killer track, first of all, what’s this one about?

Hey thanks for checking it out. Stay Awake was written from the perspective of a personal issue to addiction of prescription medication which lead to insomnia and chronic depression after an abusive relationship.

Wow man, some hard hitting topics you’re covering there, much like Northlane and Linkin Park before you, who I hear influences of throughout the song, is that right?

Yeah definitely! Those dudes have been an influence since early on -we even featured Marcus on our first EP!. We did a Linkin Park cover just over a year and a half ago =) too.

When we approached this song we wanted to explore a different vibe to our last release. This vibe we felt came more naturally to us, compared to our last EP (Tempus) we didn’t feel as forced into trying to stick to a particular genre.

Well there you go, it fits you guys well do keep it up. I’m a sucker for nu-metal and the whole time I spent listening to ‘Stay Awake” all I could think of was you lads jumping on the nu-metal revival alongside Ocean Grove, is that your approach musically?

Yeah I think so. When we first discussed writing new stuff we decided to take a more simplistic approach and not complicate things. Upon writing Stay Awake we found ourselves in this Nu-Metal vibe which we loved. Our next EP called LightWorks will most likely follow this style of writing.

Well don’t stop now it’s definitely working! As for your previous work, how much do you think you’ve grown as musicians since 2014’s Found My Way EP?

I definitely feel we have grown a lot. Since our first Ep we have gone through some member changes and with these changes came some new influences. I feel like Stay Awake is really a true reflection of all of us coming together produce something we’re super proud of.

Did you try anything different in the writing process?

Really we just simplified our writing process. Instead of trying to write something similar to one of our favourite bands we wrote something that came from us personally. This is shown a lot in Stay Awake.

And what can we expect with the upcoming Lightworks EP?

It’s a six-track EP that will be released in the form of a new song every month. At the end of the six months, we will present the EP as a whole. We really haven’t seen this approach being done and felt we wanted to try something new.

Great idea, and have you got any shows in the lead up?

We do have some in the works. Once they’re up we will be sharing them on our Facebook page.

Awesome thanks for the chat Jarrad.

While you’re at it, hit up their Instagram and YouTube pages to keep an eye on what’s to come from Serene


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