Callum The Heavy Metal Kid is BACK

A few short years ago, 10 year old Callum McPhie aka Callum The Heavy Metal Kid became a viral sensation after his performance on 2016’s series of Australia’s Got Talent made headlines around the globe, purely because of his sheer talent and love for all things metal. He NAILED his rendition of Metallica‘s ‘Enter Sandman‘ but, much to the disapproval of metalheads everywhere, he didn’t win the competition.


Now, aged 12, Callum is set to dominate the heavy music world again with the debut of his first original song which fits right up there amongst the early hits from bands he has idolised including Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, Dragonforce and Dream Theater to name a few. The song, called ‘Injustice For All‘ is about rising above the injustice and the judgement to make your own creative mark on the world and serves as an anthem for everyone who ever felt judged or misunderstood because of their differences. The majority of the heavy metal community would have to fall into this category, especially during the early years when they refused to conform to the social norm because they didn’t fit in or didn’t want to. Callum adds:

“It sums up the frustration felt by kids who don’t fit the cookie cutter model perceived by society as necessary for achievement and success”

An album is on the way soon via Callum’s very own self-produced label, Unobtainium Records, and you better believe we’re backing the poop out of this kid. As should YOU!

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