I Prevail release music video for ‘Rise’ and instantly cop backlash from entitled fans…

Sometimes you just can’t win, can you… Entitled fans of I Prevail have lashed out at the band after they chose to release a new music video for the song ‘Rise‘ from their widely popular as fuck debut album Lifelines instead of releasing new music. The band who performed a Sold Out Debut Tour of Australia last April (our review here) have just wrapped up a two year touring circuit of the album and have been working on new material since they got home in a statement they revealed from their YouTube account:

“For the people complaining that we put out a music video and not a new song… We just toured for two years straight after putting out Lifelines in late 2016. Since we got home we’ve been in the studio working on the new record every single day. We’re not a group that likes to rush through things and settle for mediocrity. This album is everything for us. We just wanted to make a fun video to end the ‘Lifelines’ album cycle for our fans while they wait for us to finish this next record. You will all have new music this year. Just have patience.”

Its such a shame bands need to issue a disclosure when they release anything these days with self-entitlement ruining new, exciting offerings because it doesn’t suit their needs. Take a chill pill and appreciate all that gets released to you from the bands you love.

We are looking forward to what these lads can follow up Lifelines with and will eagerly anticipate it’s arrival when it comes, until then, check out the final video from the album…

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