FLOSSY – Gig Review 28th April @ Rosemount Hotel, Perth WA

Rosemount, Perth WA
April 28th, 2018
Supports: Oosterbanger, Edie Green and CALMLY

So there I was, sipping on a beer in the Rosemount’s beer garden, alone again, like some forgotten tinder date, half an hour early to FLOSSY’s debut EP launch show. A show boasting an all-female fronted line-up showcasing a heap of Perth talent—every act was truly unique.

The opener, was solo artist Oosterbanger. Her songs are intimate to say the least, and I think it is incredibly badass to go on stage with your heart on your sleeve, armed only with a guitar (a really nice guitar) and a voice that clearly speaks from said heart. Oosterbanger compliments her vocals with various different chord shapes and cool layering with her loop pedal, it may have just been me, but I was getting some serious Interpol vibes from her set, and I’m quite excited to be able to say that. Oosterbanger clearly holds her own on stage, but I think it would be cool to hear her with some bass and drums as well. All in all, Ooster’s progressive, colourful, heartfelt songs are guaranteed to captivate.

Up next was the airtight Edie Green. This was very fine musicianship indeed, with all members absolutely owning their parts. Edie Green’s set was a mesmerizing experience to say the least. Singer Sophie’s voice… my god, for a moment there I thought Kate Miller-Heidke had started a rock band. Guitarist Conor broke a string mid set and was constantly on the retune, but it seriously did not affect their set at all. Conor replaced his string in record time, while Sophie told a bad joke that I wish I could remember (something about a crustacean with boobs?) and in a flash, he was back in his world of The Strokes-like trebly-shred. The ultimate fun-band, they’re going places, go see Edie Green!

CALMLY, formerly known as Childsaint brought the tempo down a little bit, but rocked no less. A sound that seems ‘stripped back’ but actually boasts so many cool, intricate layers in the vocals and the guitars. Drummer Ashlyn Koh has a relaxed style that seems to gravitate more towards the toms than the hi-hats, and it gave their songs that heavy ‘thump’ that worked well with all the haunting low-end sounds from the bass and the guitars. They closed out their set with ‘Hallelujah Heartache’, to a big, happy Rosemount crowd. CALMLY evoke them nostalgic feels. Hallelujah and god bless you, CALMLY.

FLOSSY had me on board the ‘Yew’ train headed straight into the land of Froth right from the get-go. Saying I was frothing really is an understatement—often times throughout the set I would get pangs of those butterflies in the guts that beat inside you when a band is in the pocket. The sisters Lauren and Sinead O’Hara had a collective vocal setup that—not ironically—sounded like they were one and the same, harmonizing themselves… Point is, they just go together. Combined with animated guitarist Tom Wilson and drumming powerhouse Steve D’Angelo, FLOSSY take some 90’s grunge, throw some pop at it, and run it through a sieve as to not allow any flaky crap seep into the mix. I love it when bands take me to the 90’s, especially when they do it justice. My picks were ‘Burden to my Lover’ and ‘I Want You’, two tracks both off of the new self-titled EP. However, their cover of Spiderbait’s ‘Sunshine on my Window’ was a sweet addition to an already rock-solid set. If you can hear a band’s influences, I believe you are listening to great musicians. Drummers, listen to ‘I Want You’ and tell me you can’t hear a bit of Bonham in there. Solid crew at the Rosemount, sound guy on point, and I’m sure Tom’s Dad Harry was stoked with the performance. Rock on FLOSSY, Yew!

Check out FLOSSY’s EP here and catch them in Melbourne this May

Review by Rory McDonald

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