The Top 7 Story Of The Year Songs

If you’ve been living under a huge rock you may not know all the news surrounding Story of the Year and their Australian Tour that kicks off this week. Firstly, former bassist Adam ‘The Skull’ Russell is back in the band, but they’ve ousted Phillip ‘Moon’ Sneed after over a decade of service. The band also asked fans to pledge money to help them release their new album Wolves (our review here) which frontman Dan Marsala explained he was weird about at first when he co-hosted this week’s episode of our Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast.

Now, before the band touch down in Perth on Tuesday May 1st, we want you to get as hyped up for this tour as we are by counting down The Top 7 Story Of The Year Songs starting with…

#7 – Until The Day I Die (Page Avenue)

Back when emo and post-hardcore kinda/sorta blended together Story of the Year were at their absolute best and when this anthem was released on 2003’s Page Avenue album it became a staple amongst fans to listen to on repeat and sing along to at their shows.


#6 – Bang Bang (Wolves)

When you give the boys money to make an album THEY want to, then this is the outcome you get! A nice, return to form and fast paced track which screams old school SOTY and something we cannot wait to see performed live this week.


#5 – Choose Your Fate (The Black Swan)

The anticipation hype was real following the three-year wait fans had to endure between 2005’s In The Wake of Determination and 2008’s The Black Swan but when that opening song started up and the words “Have you ever given any thought to the state of your children” rung out, we knew we were in for a treat. Then the drop happened and Dan Marsala screamed his way back into our lives again. Just try and not move when this one gets played, it’s impossible.


#4 – Sidewalks (Page Avenue)

No list would be complete without a ballad and luckily for SOTY they’ve got plenty to choose from, but none resonated with fans more so than ‘Sidewalks‘ which they HAVE to play in Australia. Back when lighters were used more than phones, they’d all be up in the air as the band played through this one. After the show (or listening to this in your car) you’d be forgiven for desperately being on the lookout for 18 Blue Cars and 21 Grey.


#3 – In The Shadows (Page Avenue)

Another song with an irresistible intro, when the drop kicks in after the opening guitar strums we guarantee you’ll be air drumming along with Josh Wills before you scream the words “WE BOTH TAKE THE, HARDEST PUNCHES, AND COLLECT, BLACK EYES JUST TO PROVE IT”. A song for mates too with plenty of group vox sing-a-longs throughout.


#2 – We Don’t Care Anymore (In The Wake Of Determination)

There were two types of people in 2005, those who had a genuine copy of ITWOD and those who burnt it off a friend. Either way, fans lapped up their album with open arms following the success Page Avenue had on their lives and cemented SOTY as a band to watch moving forward.


and the winner is


#1 – And The Hero Will Drown (Page Avenue)

Arguably, the BEST song Story of the Year released during their career (so far) and one that you definitely would remember if you used to play Need For Speed: Underground. Complete with screaming, melodic chorus, high energy, fast-paced riffage, moshpit inducing madness for all. Like a frog in a sock at a snake rave, this song will fucking go right off and if you’re nowhere near the stage during this time you’re going to miss out on one of the best experiences you’ve ever had at a live show. Learn the words now (if you don’t already) because EVERYONE in the venue will be getting in on this one and keep an eye on the stage for backflips galore from guitarist Ryan Phillips.


story of the year void of

Story of the Year – Wolves Australian Tour
with Void of Vision

1 May – Perth – Amplifier Capitol

3 May – Brisbane – The Triffid

5 May – Sydney – The Metro Theatre

6 May – Melbourne – 170 Russell

Tickets Here

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