Get Ready to Purge with High Tension in June

The new music news continues and now we’ve heard about one of the most anticipated albums of the year, High Tension‘s third release Purge has it’s release date and a new offering from it is here.

Purge will land in your ears on June 15th via Cooking Vinyl Australia and frontwoman Karina Utomo strictly explains as time goes by, the band aren’t getting soft any time soon:

This was always the direction we were heading into.

Especially with the welcoming of new members (guitarist and songwriter) Mike Deslandes and (drummer) Lauren Hammel who made their way into the band after the release of 2015’s acclaimed album Bully.

“It was inevitable that we were going to produce a record unlike our previous work; with Lauren and Mike joining the band, our natural response was to reshape our sound.”

The album’s theme focuses on the anti-communist purge in Indonesia in 1965 and 1966, when hundreds of thousands of members of the communist party were slaughtered by the military and Muslim groups under the orders of General Suharto just prior to his seizing power of the country, something Karina has briefly mentioned in the past but not in this extensive detail:

“In the past I’ve touched on that theme, but on this album it’s referenced more tirelessly”.

Pre-Orders for Purge can be made right here

High Tension - Purge

High Tension – Purge tracklisting

1. Red White Shame
2. Ghost To Ghost
3. Ular
4. Bite The Leash (Burn)
5. Surrender
6. Veil
7. The Stench
8. The Legacy
9. Purge
10. Rise

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