Suicidal Tendencies – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 27th March @ Capitol, Perth WA

Suicidal Tendencies
Capitol, Perth WA
March 27th, 2018
Supports: Beerfridge and Ratking

Intricate guitar riffs, loud aggressive vocals and heavy drumming. The music of Suicidal Tendencies is masculinity personified, add the sweat, excessive beer consumption and most of the crowd in bandanas, with long hair and/ or face tattoos, and it was macho central at Capitol on the 27th of March. As the antithesis of manly (small, slim, blonde, female), I freaking loved every minute of it!

Local hardcore lads Ratking opened the show to a sparse yet appreciative crowd. Ratking play loud, short and fast music and blistered through a 20 minute set showing real flair for live performances. With an impressive mane of hair, singer Josh, displayed a sharp wit commenting that the shortest song in their set “took the longest to write.” The breakdowns and deep, growly vocals were well received by the punters, a few specifically asking the band what they were called.

Margaret River legends Beerfridge were up next and began their set to loud cheering from a small, loyal fanbase. Playing tunes more punk sounding than Ratking, with songs about anarchy and more melodic vocals, Beerfridge amassed an enthusiastic crowd and inspired a mini mosh pit and wall of death. The guys joked about how they normally feel old, but not with Suicidal Tendencies playing. In reality their age and experience held them in great stead, the complicated riffs and overall performance of each band member was tight.

With the time for Suicidal Tendencies approaching closer, a large mosh pit had formed with the inevitable chanting of “ST” from the crowd. Stepping on stage with the ST ‘uniform’ (bandanas, Suicidal Tendencies shirts), they began with the classic ‘You Can’t Bring Me Down’. The crowd heartily joined in with the chorus yelling “you can’t bring me down…” while thrusting their fist in the air. Singer Mike Muir, came onto the stage ready to attack, jumping, pacing, stomping and moving like an overactive kid on red cordial. From the first song, it became apparent that tonight was going to be solely about the tunes and delivering them with as much vigour and energy as possible.

Suicidal Tendencies ploughed through a set that consisted of ‘Trip At The Brain’, ‘Freedumb’ (which seemed to be a crowd favourite) and ‘Subliminal’, with guitarist Dean Pleasants displaying some amazing axe skills (seriously, watching him shred, is worth the price of the ticket, alone). Towards the end of the set ST invited all and any of the women in the crowd to join them on stage (which all 10 of us did), while playing ‘I Saw Your Mommy’. It was during this time that one passionate fan decided to flash her breasts to the crowd; when in ST country, I guess… Following that excitement, Suicidal Tendencies played a couple more songs before departing the stage.

With a sizeable, eager and inebriated crowd, you would be forgiven to forget that it was a Tuesday night in Perth, but it was. Stumbling out of Capitol, the crowd left happy knowing that they just witnessed a tight, animated performance by Californian thrash hardcore royalty Suicidal Tendencies. To quote the crowd, “ST, ST, ST”.

By Carys Hurcom

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Photo Gallery by Denis Radacic (@denocide).
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Suicidal Tendencies

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