7 Quick Questions with Slowly Slowly

On the back of their epic signing announcement to UNFD last week, the hype surrounding Slowly Slowly has Grown and Grown to the point where we had to see what the fuss was all about. Reigning from Melbourne, the new-age melodic pop punk, indie rockers have a big year ahead of them so we grabbed guitarist/vocalist Ben Stewart to find out a bit more about the band

Hey Ben, thanks for the chat. Firstly Congratulations on signing to UNFD, what’s the first thing you did to celebrate?

Hey! Thank you. We haven’t really had a chance as it’s been kind of like being on a treadmill with the setting up too high the last few weeks. We are really stoked with the way Alchemy our single is rolling out and couldn’t be happier to be a part of the UNFD family. We are hanging to get away on tour this weekend with The Story So Far so we can start to celebrate all the good news. Hit up Dawn Frasier baths for a coupla belly whackers.

That’s the way to do it, stay focused and head in the game. Talking about the band, who makes up Slowly Slowly?

I guitar and sing, Alex plays Bass, Pat plays drums and Albert plays Guitar.

And how long have you guys been making music together for?

For about 3 years now.

Wow, signed in just 3 years that’s gotta be saying something! Listening to a few tracks, it’s hard for me to class you in a certain category, but would I be close in saying you’re a blend of new age pop punk and indie rock?

I guess so! We don’t really think about it much – I have never liked playing covers and whether I liked it or not have always gravitated towards finding my own sound. I like the idea of straddling genres as it means we can play and meet more people.

It’s not a bad idea though and good thing you guys do it well. Coming up you’re playing with The Story So Far, then what have you got planned for the rest of 2018?

Our album tour kicks off for our new record St. Leonards in early May. We are kind of rolling with the punches at the moment – we are really just looking forward to just sharing some special moments with as many new people in as many places as possible.

In honour of your name, what are the three best things in life that NEED to be experienced slowly?

Cold Melbourne Bitter after a set, Beloporto Burgers in Byron Bay on a hangover and holding a newborn bubba. Beers, Burgers & Babies. Is that weird?

Not at all. It’s talented if you can do all three at once too! Any last word for those checking you out for the first time?

Check out our mates from Melbourne Self Talk, Clove, Press Club, Turn South, Plovers, Apprehensive, Max Quinn, Thornhill, Radi Island & Have/Hold.

Such a thoughtful man, you had us at Thornhill haha

Check out Slowly Slowly‘s new single ‘Alchemy‘ and if you’re digging what you hear, pre-order their new album St. Leonards which gets released on May 11th via UNFD

slowly slowly tour

SLOWLY SLOWLY  – St. Leonards Album Tour

Friday 11th May – The Saloon Bar, Launceston

Saturday 12th May – Hobart Brewing Co., Hobart

Saturday 2nd June – The Edinburgh Castle, Adelaide

Friday 7th June – Amplifier Bar, Perth

Saturday 8th June – Mojos Bar, Fremantle

Saturday 16th June – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

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