From Parts Unknown – Trucker Speed (EP Review)

From Parts Unknown – Trucker Speed
Released: February 10th, 2018


Ben McCracken // Guitar & Vocals
Kyle Owen // Drums
Chris Parrish // Upright Bass



Hailing from Dallas, Texas comes the highly energetic punk/rock and roll trio From Parts Unknown who have flicked us over their latest Trucker Speed EP to check out. The one thing that attracted me to check these guys out was their use of the old school upright bass, similar to that of local legends The Living End here in Australia. There’s not many bands using that type of equipment in the music industry, so do the guys do it justice? Well, have a read…

First up is the EP’s intro instrumental song ‘Mendoza‘ which sets the tone for the rest of the offering. It’s a fast, uptempo throwback to the classical sounds of the rockabilly years of punk (and at times I couldn’t help but hear the King of the Hill theme song), however, it catches your attention and makes you want to hear what else the guys have on offer.


The title track ‘Trucker Speed‘ arrives next and instantly we go from classical rockabilly to an infusion of punk rock and alternative rock complete with riffage and throaty screams. Drummer Kyle Owen smashes away at the kit like there’s no tomorrow as frontman Ben McCracken sings his life away which at times will make you wonder if it’s actually Chris Cheney on the song. From start to finish the song doesn’t slow down an inch and at only 2:07 in length, it packs enough punch to keep you hooked for the final track.

Rad Pitt‘ rounds up the 3 song EP and starts off as a slower, grungier styled song, which showcases the different styles this band are working with at the moment. However, all that is blown out of the water when the faster pace kicks in and the band’s punk elements shine through again. Its hard to explain this song in full I’ve found, mainly because there’s yet another tempo change towards the end, but what I realised is, if you want to get an idea of what this band is about and the vast array of styles they’ve got behind them, give this song a listen over and over again as it covers so much ground in such a short amount of time.


All up From Parts Unknown‘s EP Trucker Speed is 3 samples of what the band are capable of doing moving forward. To get an idea of what they’re fully capable of, I recommend checking out their previous album Bruiser for some faster, hard rock themed tracks that may just get you over the line. If The Living End are right up your alley, then From Parts Unknown could most definitely make their way into your music collection.

from parts unknown - trucker speed ep

From Parts Unknown – Trucker Speed EP tracklisting

1. Mendoza
2. Trucker Speed
3. Rad Pitt

Rating: 6/10
Trucker Speed EP is available now via Bandcamp. Grab a copy here
Review by Browny @brownypaul

from parts unknown

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